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Dear Friend of Revive Israel,

“…that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me”. John 17:21


Recently, we have seen a common thread in communication from our teams abroad, as well as from partner ministries in Israel and around the world. They share how the Covid19 lockdowns and restrictions prevent them from meeting together, travel, and do what they regularly do. So instead, like us, they gather online and connect with churches, communities, denominations with which they wouldn’t normally connect. Hearts unite where before there was distance, issues are discussed, needs prayed over and joint worship sessions are held. Praise God!

The Messianic Body in Israel is not free from divisions either – it often hinders efforts to advance the Kingdom.

Please pray that the momentum towards ONE-NESS started during the crisis, will grow and grow.

Meet the Team: Robert Bishai


Twenty-four-year-old Robert, our media producer, has been part of the team for 6 months. He is responsible for coordinating the Tuesday Global Broadcasts, among other projects. “I love my job and thank the Lord for a wonderful team. We enjoy working together and have good fun.”

Growing up in Tiberias in an Arabic believing family, he accepted Jesus at a young age and went to a Messianic school. His mom is from Nazareth and father from Egypt, both were involved in youth ministry.

After finishing school and moving to another town, however, his values and faith were severely challenged. This brought him to a low place where he had to completely surrender his life to his Saviour.

Because of his background, Robert often struggled with identity. He asked himself many times, “Who am I? An Arab, an Israeli, or Palestinian? If I am all three, how do I find the balance? Where does my loyalty lie?”

God showed him that he is, first of all, a believer in Yeshua and that his background can be very effectively used in the Kingdom. Since then he could be a voice of hope for Jews and Arabs: “There is an alternative to severance and blame, in Yeshua’s truth, love and forgiveness”.

The Highway 19 Global Gathering


On July 30 we joined together with many from the nations to discern the Lord's heart for the Middle East in this hour.  Specifically, we united to pray for a deeper fulfilment of the Isaiah 19 vision: reconciliation, restoration and redemption of the nations represented by ancient Egypt, Israel and Assyria.

Facilitated by David Demian, Asher and Mike Bickle, this online gathering was a rich time of welcoming the nations into the Abrahamic family tent. Prophetic worship in the Middle Eastern languages was offered, testimonies were shared by leaders across the ‘highway’ and biblical teaching given, highlighting the end-time epi-centre role of this region. We believe the day is approaching fast for a revival among our Arab brothers; NOW is a critical time to stand with them in prayer and support, fighting together for their key destiny.

Especially significant was meeting on the 9th of Av, the historic day of mourning and disaster for the Jewish people.  Instead of hatred and destruction, a mutual commitment to love and protect one another was displayed at the event. Rather than a physical temple, which was twice destroyed on that day, the Lord is uniting us together as living stones of a spiritual temple, as His dwelling place.

This was the first of a series of Isaiah 19 gatherings with our brothers and sisters from the Middle East, and we look forward to joining our hearts again soon.

Arab Outreach Update



Following is an update we received from our Arabic partners in Judea & Samaria (West Bank):

We can just thank the Lord for His faithfulness during the Covid19 time so far. Our church’s needs have been miraculously met and people are in good health. An unemployed brother even found a good job in this time – against all odds. No one finds themselves lacking. All the honour to God!”

Saliba*, our partner, shares that church members are praying like never before - for the lost, discipleship, the situation in Israel.  Also, an online, ground-breaking prayer initiative was started that includes Palestinian and Arab Israeli believers, along with believers from a neighbouring Arab country as well.  Pastors are coming before the Lord monthly, uniting their hearts as they petition together for the advance of the Kingdom. Please pray for this to continue strong.

Saliba* has started to appear once a week on a well-known Arabic Christian channel, explaining and defending the Gospel to a mainly Muslim audience. There has been between 50-70K weekly views so far and a large number of responses. Please pray for an increase and for anointing, wisdom, and courage to speak the truth.

Please stand with Saliba*, his ministry, and his family at this time. He feels overloaded and pulled in multiple directions; juggling a day job for income and working in ministry has him exhausted. Please pray for him to be released, for sufficient income so he can devote more time to ministry.

*Not his real name

Revive France Update

Peter & Audrey

Audrey and Peter May, our representatives in Lyon, France, recently shared:

Like many of you’ve experienced, the past 3 months have been a transforming for the family of God and our nation. As far as ministry, all our speaking commitments and trips were cancelled or rescheduled.

It has been busy in NEW ways, though. We connected with more pastors in these last 2 months than we did in the last 3 years! Lockdown created time and opportunities to deepen relationships with local leaders”.

They also had the joy of participating in virtual gatherings, sharing and praying. Many believers joined them online to worship, intercede, repent, and declare together over Lyon.

Connecting with their non-believing neighbours was another highlight during the lockdown. They could discuss challenging issues and pray into their situations. Audrey, with much prayer and love, was able to help a young lady and her child get out of an abusive situation. After 5 years of slow relationship building, they finally saw the fruit when she reached out for help during the confinement. 

“This past season has positioned us to respond with a greater sacrificial ‘yes’ in our hearts for what’s ahead. We are so thankful to be part of the family of God!”

Please keep this family in your prayers as they are doing ground-breaking work in France. Visit their website and Facebook page to find out more.