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April 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friend of Revive Israel,

11 See! The winter is past;
    the rains are over and gone.
12 Flowers appear on the earth;
    the season of singing has come,
the cooing of doves
    is heard in our land. (Song of Songs 2:11-12)

Its springtime in Israel and after abundant rains, which caused the Sea of Galilee to nearly overflow, flowers are everywhere. To Him be all the glory!

tree beach

Israel update

womanThe spread of Corona virus in Israel has been later than in some countries, but is nevertheless serious and rapid. As in most nations, there are severe restrictions on movement, deeply affecting the economy and people’s ability to work – many are struggling.

Israelis are used to fighting battles, but not this kind of war of waiting. The culture here is very active and achievement focused, so any form of passivity is strange for people.

Please pray for those who are suffering, for the very sick and comfort for their loved ones. Pray too that the Lord will meet with many Israelis in the privacy of their homes, as they find time to ask the deep questions of life, death and eternity.  Pray for Israel’s security, that our enemies will not be able to exploit this unusual situation. Finally, we need Him to bring the political parties together so that we can have a function government again. It is of vital importance in these days.

Meet the Team – Raphael and Liel Almeida

Raphael and LielWe are so happy to announce the birth of Boaz, a new arrival in the in the Almeida and Revive Israel family!

Raphael oversees the 77 volunteers who regularly translate teachings, updates, and videos in their local languages. Liel, who has a Russian background, is involved in facilitating the Nesher program and is also a part-time ballet teacher.

When Raphael’s Brazilian Christian parents got married, they had a clear vision to live in Israel but did not know how it would be possible. However, when Raphael was 6 years old, both his parents discovered they were Jewish! They immigrated to Israel with their children, trusting God to fulfil the vision.

Growing up in the secular north of Israel, Raphael’s love for the Lord was lukewarm. During his army service, though, he responded to God’s call to serve Him wholeheartedly.  Not long after that he met fellow IDF soldier and believer in Yeshua, Liel. Both knew it was God’s plan to serve Him together as a couple.

“Our vision is to bless the nations from Israel, with Brazil as our second base. In addition, we want to bless Israelis by introducing them to Yeshua whenever opportunity arises”.

Christian Arab Partnership

skyGreat advances to evangelizing Arabic speakers are being made using social media. It’s reported that last year more than 330,000 Arabs were reached with the Gospel and 305,778 viewed the Arabic Outreach YouTube channel! Many Arabic students are currently studying the Bible weekly in a virtual discipleship classroom.

An Arabic pastor and RI friend and associate told us recently: “The Lord has been moving in a new way in the West Bank. The church is growing with fruits and moves of the Sprit it hasn’t been before. There is an eagerness to grow and witness!”

Let’s pray for God’s Light to continue to rise over the villages, especially during these trying days of lockdown and Corona virus fears. May He awaken many hearts to search for His truth and salvation!

Greece Team Update

GreeceGreta Mavro, Tikkun-Revive Emissary to Greece, shared some highlights that took place last month:

“Our team, while evangelizing in Berea and at the Areopagus, Athens, encountered an atheist bouzouki player who was terrified after hearing a testimony of hell. He eagerly accepted a Bible and opened his heart.  While in Athens, we met a local pastor who loves Israel and expressed a desire to co-labour with us: uniting the Greek church with Messianic believers.

A hotel manager revealed that he and his family are Greek Jews hidden in the Greek Orthodox Church since WWII. After explaining the Jewish roots of both Jesus and our faith, he asked for the New Covenant in Hebrew and is reading it. The Lord is busy awakening the Greek Jews hidden in the Greek Orthodox Church!”


Greta also asks us to pray for Greece who is simultaneously warring against the coronavirus and Turkey’s latest moves. The latter is trying to push hundreds of thousand refugees across the border to Greece and its islands. Pray that the Greeks will defend the borders to prevent a catastrophic influx.

Also, robberies and break-ins have become the norm in Greece lately. The team’s house was broken into recently. It was a shock, but God miraculously protected them and their belongings!