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January 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friend of Revive Israel

As we enter a new decade, we have hearts full of confident expectancy, despite the tide of evil flooding our world, that God will do great things in Israel and in each nation. “My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him”. Psalm 62:5 (NKJV).

May God REVIVE our hearts and souls in 2020, as we go out into the world proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom!

Meet the team: Jeremiah and Rachel Smilovici

JeremiahJeremiah and Rachel have been serving in Revive Israel since 2013.

Born in Florida, USA, from a Columbian Messianic Jewish family, Rachel made aliya to Israel aged 13.  

Jeremiah grew up in Israel, his parents from the USA and Romania. Despite coming from a believing home, he had many struggles as a young boy. He was quiet, fearful and timid, avoiding people and finding it hard to communicate. Only during his (reluctant) military service in the IDF did the Lord start to radically transform him, being appointed as an officer in charge of logistics and overseeing 100 soldiers! Afterwards at Revive Israel, the Lord continued to restore and equip him for his current role in the leadership team.

Rachel’s Columbian background has opened doors for the couple to also minister in Spanish speaking countries. Rachel says, “We believe God called us to build bridges of common ground, love, and respect between different groups of believers.”

MEHR conference, Augsburg, Germany (3-6 January 2020)

Asher spoke at the annual MEHR conference attended by nearly 12,000 (including Protestants, Catholics, charismatics, Muslim background believing refugees and interested non-believers). It was hosted by the largest house of prayer in Europe, founded by Johannes Hartl, a Spirit-filled Catholic. For many it was the first time to encounter a Messianic Jew and hear about the restoration of the Messianic remnant.

Asher spoke on God restoring the Abrahamic family as core of the global Body - the unity of Jew and Arab. He shared the platform with Syrian-German brother, Fadi Krikor. He also spoke about covenantal relationships, especially between Germany and Israel – the joint destiny of two nations that Satan tried to cut short in the Holocaust. “As Israel representatives we blessed the nation of Germany to rise into her destiny and walk forward in covenant with Israel. Many were in tears and deeply moved as this was the first time they had heard this message”, said Sarah from our team.

Youval in Toulouse, France (1-9 December 2019)

ToulouseYouval spent a week in Toulouse teaching at a prophetic school affiliated with the Christian Assembly of Toulouse, overseen by longtime friend, Fabienne Pons. He taught about Israel from the perspective of Biblical history, the modern state and ‘One New Man’ in Messiah (Eph 2:15). Students gained insights on Israel’s place in God’s Kingdom and how they can engage. He also had an interesting opportunity to witness to a French Muslim, who had never met a Messianic believer before.

“Unity amongst the believers is lacking in France, like so many other places in our world”, Youval says. “We also need to pray against the spirit of humanism and rebellion against God amongst the French people. For the veil to lift and for Yeshua to be revealed.”

Conference in Dolný Kubín, Slovakia (6-9 December 2019)
conference conference

Tal Robin and Roni Rejwan spoke at a conference in Dolný Kubín, northern Slovakia, deepening delegates’ understanding of ‘One New Man in Messiah’ (Eph 2:15). Nearly 60 Czechs and Slovaks from many different denominations gathered, all sharing a God-given love for Israel, including Spirit-filled Catholics.

Tal requests, “Please take a few moments to pray for Slovakia:

  • For the growth of true believers in the Catholic community.
  • Against the lies and false reporting of the prevalent anti-Semitism.
  • For unity amongst believers in the region (Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic) and with Israel”.