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Summary of Global Alignment

By Asher Intrater

bookOur teachings on Alignment have created a great deal of interest both in Israel and around the world. Here are a few quotes from the Alignment book on relationships between Messianic Jews and Gentile Christians, mutual submission, partnership and synergy. 

  1. P. 9 Global alignment has to do with right relationships for true Christians around the world and for the Messianic remnant of Israel in order to be ready for the 2nd coming of Yeshua (Jesus). Alignment is submitting to God's order and prepares us for establishing His Kingdom on earth.
  2. P. 17 When we have a tender heart and a sensitive conscience, we look for this alignment of intimacy and submission in every situation.
  3. P. 18 Alignment is an order that allows for everyone to have his or her own place – for everyone to function, for everyone to bear fruit.
  4. P. 24 Repentance is the first step of alignment.
  5. P. 25 The Lordship of Yeshua is the cornerstone of our personal alignment with God's plans and purposes.
  6. P. 27 Spiritual alignment is moral alignment.  The lack of moral discernment makes many of us "Charismatics" seem flaky. The Holy Spirit is more "moral" than "mystical."
  7. P. 43 The full restoration of the Kingdom will only occur when Yeshua returns.
  8. P. 44 We are called to complete the apostolic commission.  We just continue doing what they started.  Their generation started the great commission. Our generation completes it (hopefully!).
  9. P. 56 At the 2nd coming, the kingdoms of this world will be turned over to Yeshua and to the people who have learned to walk in righteousness.
  10. P. 64 Yeshua is the head of the Church (Ephesians 1:22) and the King of Israel (John 12:13).
  11. P. 80 Alignment is a lighter form of authority than direct submission, although obviously includes a submissive heart.  The issue is not one of organizational control but of right direction to be serving the Lord in these end times.
  12. P. 90 Alignment demands a right relationship between the Israeli remnant and the international Ecclesia. There are circles within circles.  Everyone is equal.  Alignment is designed to guarantee that everyone is included.
  13. P. 91 Religious prejudice seeks to exclude people by ethnic pride; covenantal alignment seeks to include everyone by preferring one another in honor (Romans 12:10).
  14. P. 111 We look to the Acts 15 council as a biblical example and pattern of how senior leaders can meet and submit one to another. We are not claiming to be "the" Jerusalem Council. We are saying that senior leaders should meet together at least once a year for mutual, relational commitment and accountability.
  15. P. 112 The testimony that we have at Tikkun Ministries of almost forty years of leaders walking in covenant, cooperation and mutual accountability provides a basis for trust, safety and stability that has been a blessing to many. We are just one of many streams, but we seek to pattern our senior leadership after the model of the Acts 15 council. That model is that the senior leaders will meet periodically in an atmosphere of mutual submission.
  16. P. 149 Arab Christians and Messianic Jews need to embrace one another as part of the Abrahamic family
  17. P. 186 The guiding principle in the process is mutual submission and humility. The humility here is the reversal of ethnic pride. Ethnic humility of both Jew and Gentile, of both Israel and the Church, brings everyone into global alignment and is a manifestation of the glory of God. This racial humility is in direct opposition to "chosen-ness" in the sense of racial superiority. Jewish and Christian destiny is redefined by serving one another.
  18. P. 189 God uses the Olive Tree partnership of Israel and the Church to bring about a better world in which there is no racial superiority or ethnic pride. There will be humility, mutual respect, and dependence on the grace of God.
  19. P. 189 To receive this grace of God, both Jew and Gentile need to come to a place of humility.
  20. P. 190 The Olive Tree is a picture of mutual blessing and mutual serving.
  21. P. 191 Will the messianic remnant escape from self-centeredness and start serving the Ecclesia? Will the Ecclesia receive a unifying and servant-leadership role for the messianic remnant? The messianic remnant is to help the international Ecclesia come to her fullness. The Ecclesia is to help Israel come to her fullness. This is the double humility that is needed for us to come into right alignment.
  22. P. 227 The alignment that we are speaking of between the international Ecclesia and the Messianic remnant will come to its fullness in cooperative partnership and mutual support.
  23. P. 242 Synergy means that teamwork will produce an overall better result than if each person within the group were working toward the same goal individually.
  24. P. 243 Rotating leadership and submission allows for different qualities and viewpoints to come out. There is leadership, teamwork and submission. 
  25. P. 244 The mystery of Ephesians 3:6 is that the Gentiles would be "partners in the inheritance, partners in the Body and partners of the promises." This is the alignment.

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