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July 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friend of Revive Israel,

2,000 years ago, Yeshua told his disciples they would receive the power of the Holy Spirit and would be His witnesses in Jerusalem, all Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). For a period of just 30-something years that began to happen, but with the AD70 Roman desolation of Jerusalem, local witness to Yeshua faced a huge setback. Then in 136AD, after crushing the Bar Kokhba revolt, Roman Emperor Hadrian renamed Jerusalem "Aelia Capitolina", forbidding Jews and Christians from even entering, while Israel was renamed Palestina.

Now 2,000 years later, after the reestablishment of the State of Israel and the 1967 return of Jerusalem to Jewish hands, Revive Israel, along with many other local ministries, is privileged to help release the pause button on the Gospel going out in and from Zion, in preparation for Yeshua’s return.

Getting to Know the Team - Avner

AvnerAvner Valer plays a key part in spreading the Gospel in Israel through his role in , Revive Israel’s 24/7 internet evangelistic TV channel in Hebrew – focusing on social media development.

Avner is 36, born and raised in Israel’s Aravah Desert region, in a secular home and area. In his late teens he heard the Gospel, and finally, aged 20, received Yeshua as Saviour. Because of his secular background, his family did not oppose his faith and now love his friends from congregation.

Avner loves creating electronic evangelistic content and is passionate about Hebrew language and Old Testament studies. He has written two books: a guide to understanding Proverbs and also Ecclesiastes in easy Hebrew: “Maybe people abroad don’t know it, but most Israelis cannot understand Old Testament Hebrew. I believe, that if my people understand, they will have no choice but to believe that Yeshua is the only option for Messiah. So, my vision is to help them understand ancient Hebrew, especially through on-line technologies.”

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Monthly Evangelism

street“We both shared how we came to the Lord with the young woman in a shoe shop. She shared some of her difficulties and we prayed for her. She said how refreshing it was to meet Jews who believe in Yeshua - very ordinary people and not pushy. My friend went back again and started to build friendship.”

Each month the Revive Israel team usually spends a morning in Jerusalem, sharing about Yeshua. After worship, asking for guidance and blessing, we go out in pairs or small groups and connect with people we believe God wants to touch. We usually focus on blessing through prayer, healing, or prophetic words. We find this opens up hearts to discussion and explanation about Yeshua.

“This time we did public worship in Hebrew in a square – the songs really opened up peoples’ hearts. I chatted with secular, religious, an Arab, locals and internationals, young and old – only one was aggressively closed and everyone else engaged. One Ethiopian-Jewish man received prayer for healing, saying he would visit a local congregation – praise the Lord.”

Revive Israel Korea

RI Korea RI Korea

The Gospel of the Kingdom is being spread both locally and to the ends-of-the-earth. Revive Israel Korea continues to faithfully serve the giant South Korean church, especially through a networking approach to connecting the nation with Israel. For example, six significant Korean leaders joined in the strategic Alignment Round Table event in Israel in March. In April, Korean churches connected to Revive Israel Korea hosted young Israeli leaders in training, through the Eagle Project. The Israelis conducting a Passover Seder, themed ‘One New Man’. 

The team (pictured) is also very active in stirring up the powerful Korean prayer movement to intercession, and provides teaching on Yeshua’s plan for Israel and the nations - under the oversight of Ariel Blumenthal (pictured) and local leadership of Jacob Lee (also pictured). Jacob says, “It is great that the Lord is using Revive Israel Korea to connect Israel and Korea in practical ways, not just biblical teachings. Now Eph 2:15 One New Man becomes tangible and I believe will reach its fullness in the future.”

Pray for South Korea’s generational crisis, where young people have simply stopped believing in Yeshua and instead seek material success. Pray for Revive Israel Korea to also connect with this lost generation and to be instrumental in renewed revival and sending to the nations.

Beit Netanel – Revive Israel Partner Project

Biet“48 youngsters from the local Yeshiva (Jewish religious college community) came to my house to hear about the difference between celebrating Pesach (Passover) according to Rabbinical tradition and where Yeshua is the central focus. We ate together while I explained and afterwards 10 stayed on to learn more. Later they invited me to the Yeshiva where I prepared food for 50.”

Rachel and Gillad are overflowing with stories of how God uses them and their home to directly reach Israelis. Revive Israel is delighted to partner with this highly effective hospitality outreach ministry, Beit Netanel, through ministry support, prayer and financial giving.

 “We invited 20 people for Kabalat Shabbat meal. The husband of one lady was in prison in Costa Rica – we called him and I explained the gospel to him and prayed over the phone. The next day he was released from prison. He now believes and other family members are also coming and beginning to believe.”

Rachel has been losing her voice recently and so requests prayer. They also request prayer regarding a legal case concerning access to the Beit Netanel property. An Arab group is claiming rights over a piece of land, which, if successful, would prevent them from even accessing the property. Please pray for justice and righteousness in court.

Obedience Before Anointing 


Patty Juster thought she could minister prophetically without needing to be submitted to authority and without full obedience to God. But what did this result in?

Watch HERE! 

Subtitles in: Danish, Dutch, French, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish.