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Me Too

Asher Intrater

familyEveryone is affected somewhere by pornography, abortion, sexual harassment, homo-les-bi-trans, divorce, adultery, pedophilia, carnal entertainment, seductive advertising, and so on.  Sometimes I also feel "abused" by this whole metro-sexual mess ("Me Too"). Pictures I don't even want to see seem to "pop up" and appear everywhere.

Everyone wants to do their own "thing" but nobody wants someone else to do his or her "thing" to them.  They say, "I have a right to do whatever I want." They don't ask, "What is the right thing to do?"


Which Way?

It seems to me there is only one way out of this moral confusion and sexual labyrinth:  A man marries a woman; they love one another; they stay loyal to one another; they raise their children together; they teach their children to do the same.

It sounds kind of over-simplistic. Yet I've tried to think through all the myriad other possibilities, and none of them seem to work. Every other option causes enormous damage - emotionally, socially, physically, economically, and morally… 

One Family

God is called our "heavenly Father;" we are His children.  Yeshua is called our heavenly bridegroom; we are His bride.  We men should be loving fathers to our children and loving husbands to our wives. 

Marriage and family only work when they are filled with this kind of gracious, generous, self-sacrificing love. Divine love can heal sexual deviance. Faith, marriage, and family all seem to fit together into one picture that is both healthy and natural.

Wouldn't that just seem to make things work out okay?

Our Role in Spiritual Warfare


Asher Intrater speaks about our role in releasing angels in spiritual warfare and opening the heavens leading up to Yeshua's return.

Watch HERE!

Subtitles in: French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese.