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Pence at the Knesset

By Asher Intrater

Mike Pence

On January 22, 2018, US Vice President Mike Pence spoke to a full house of the Israeli Knesset.  Right at the beginning a group of Knesset members, identified as Palestinian or extreme Leftists, broke out in a noisy protest and were escorted out of the building.

Pence's speaking style was formal and gentle (in contrast to his President). He made references to the Bible in some fashion repeatedly during the 30 minute address.  Some Israeli commentators even mentioned that he spoke more as an evangelical Christian than as a politician, which is part of what made the whole interaction extraordinary.

He started out by affirming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; and America's steadfast support.  He spoke of the Jewish people as the "people of the book" and of the United States as reflected in the thoughts of the Christian "founding fathers". He spoke of Jerusalem as the site of Abraham's Moriah and David's kingdom, again reflecting a speech born of faith-based values more than mere "real-politick."

He also spoke of commitment to the peace process negotiations, including a potential two-state solution.  He mentioned that new alliances are being formed in the Middle East, such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia cooperating with the US against Iranian aggression.  While committing the United States to fight against the terror-supporting regime in Iran, he called out to the Iranian "good people" to be friends, and that their day of freedom from the oppressive regime was close at hand.

The response of the Knesset members was complex. As mentioned, a small contingent protested.  All of the others were astonished at the degree of support and affirmation they were hearing.  The moderate left were delighted at that support yet wary of such a deeply conservative agenda.  The ultra-orthodox, religious Jews were also delighted at his support yet wary of the fact that he was speaking as a devout believer in Jesus.

 All in all the effect of such a refined speech, based on strongly evangelical values, supportive of Israel from a biblical world-view, spoken before Jewish Knesset members, represents a level of friendship and witness never been seen before, as this nation reaches its 70th year.

Two Types of Lies

Asher Intrater

Some lies are easier to identify because of their content and can be confronted with facts. But there is another kind of lie that is more subtle and much more dangerous.


Subtitles available in: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Korean, Portuguese (BR), and Spanish!

Revive Live

Ariel and Ron

In this week’s episode, Ron Cantor and Ariel Blumenthal discuss the nuances of a new law recently passed in Poland regarding the Holocaust. It has become a source of controversy and strain on the relationship between Poland and Israel. Tune in to see their reactions and hear their thoughts! (English Only)


Poland Ministry Trip Update

Peter May


Asher & Betty alongside with Tal Haroni and our French based representatives Peter and Audrey May, flew to Krakow to join this inspiring and envisioning Aglow gathering.

Our relationship with Aglow and our friendship with Jane Hansen Hoyt is a very precious gift from the Lord — we are seeing the beautiful fruits of their intercession all over the world. They deeply carry the mandate to reconcile men and women, to reach out in love the Muslim people and to stand side by side with the body of Messiah in the land of Israel.

During this time Asher taught about the relationship between Jews and Gentiles. How Jews have no purpose if it weren’t for the gentiles and that each is needed to see the Kingdom of heaven come to earth. Powerful declarations from the Aglow leaders towards the end time purpose of Israel and the Gentiles were made — leading us into a break through time of worship.

Audrey shared the need to call the Ruth — how Ruth and Naomie, mother and daughter, brought each other into their purpose and calling. As Aglow celebrated their 50th anniversary, the hearts of those wonderful pioneering Naomie’s cried out together to call the Ruth to rise up — making room for the next generation — walking with one another.

Tal H. shared from Isaiah 19, how God plans to bring Assyria, Egypt, and Israel together. How God saw Ishmael and included him in his plans to bring blessings to the Nations. Her passionate heart for reconciliation lead us into a prayer for unity for the nations represented.