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Apostolic Integrity and Authenticity in Israel

By Asher Intrater

In our generation we are witnessing the restoration of apostolic and prophetic ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13) in the body of Messiah worldwide. Little by little, apostolic and prophetic ministry is also being restored within the local remnant in Israel. Much of what is called apostolic or prophetic is inflated or phony. And much of what would be valid internationally is imported and not indigenous to Israel.

Paul (Saul) spoke of powerful supernatural warfare in II Corinthians 10:3-5. The overall theme of chapters 10 - 12 is the battle to discern between true and false apostles (II Corinthians 11:13). Paul's primary spiritual warfare in these three chapters concerns the validity and integrity of apostolic ministry. What an eye-opening thought!

A great spiritual challenge before us and a deep passion of my heart is the integrity of authentic, indigenous, apostolic authority in Israel. To have authority, it must be authentic. To have integrity, it must be indigenous. A popular expression in Israel is to produce “facts on the ground.” Our spiritual version of this same saying would be to produce real fruit in real people here in the land of Israel.

[Note: Ministry has to be indigenous only to the degree that it calls itself "Israeli" or "Jewish." Otherwise it is not necessary. Indigenous elements include work experience, birthplace, family lineage, Hebrew language, taxes, cultural relevancy, historical perspective, current events, citizenship, army service, helping the needy, and other types of practical service. Yeshua grew up and worked here 30 years before starting His teaching and evangelistic ministry.]

The restoration of apostolic-prophetic teams in Israel represents a partial restoration of the ministry of the original apostles of the first century. That restoration is a key element of right alignment and spiritual government for the greater body of Messiah.

If apostolic-prophetic ministry in Israel will have a humble and servant heart, it could be a source of blessing, revival, and unity. If it has integrity and authenticity, it could be an instrument of kingdom strategy as we prepare for the coming of Yeshua.  

Israeli-Greek-Cypriot Cooperation

Greta Mavro

I have been following the progress of Jewish-Greek-Cypriot unity for years. I even had a very specific word from the Lord many years ago that these three Bible lands and peoples would unite regarding taking dominion of the Mediterranean.

There is now a trilateral agreement to construct a natural gas pipeline that goes out from Israel to Cyprus and Greece and then to the rest of Europe. The plan also includes an electricity cable joining the three countries. Electricity will be generated in Israel and sent via Cyprus, the Greek island of Crete and mainland Greece to European grids. Energy and electricity will come out from Israel, go through Cyprus-Greece and then to Europe! Doesn't this sound like the apostolic journey of Paul by the power of the Holy Spirit?!

It's exciting how fast this political, military and economic alignment is emerging and forging ahead. We, as the Body of Christ in this Bible region need to catch up! There ought to be a parallel joining of the remnant in this Bible hub in preparation for End time Revival and for welcoming our King back to Jerusalem. Please continue to pray for the Israel, Greece, Cyprus connection. It's a critical missing link that has the potential to transform the region spiritually as well. 

Introducing: Ben Juster [video]

In this video Youval introduces our new Revive Israel team member, Ben Juster. They briefly discuss how successful generational transfer makes their relationship unique and powerful.

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Subtitles available in Danish, Dutch, French, Polish, and Portuguese.

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