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Jerusalem and Eden One

Asher Intrater

Since John was the last writer of Scriptures, his writings contain a unique view of the whole spectrum of Scriptures from beginning to end.  John often spoke in terms of "beginning to end" (John 1:1; I John 1:1; Revelation 1:8, 17).  

This "beginning to end" perspective comes to light particularly in the last chapters of Revelation.  The first two chapters of Genesis describe Creation and Eden; whereas the last two chapters of Revelation describe the restoration of Creation and Eden.

In these last two chapters, there is a special addition about "heavenly Jerusalem" (21:9-22:3).  Glorified Jerusalem becomes the centerpiece of the restoration of Paradise.  Heaven and earth come together as heavenly and earthly Jerusalem come together.  The glorious destiny of both Eden and Jerusalem are one and the same.

Revelation 21:1-2 – "I saw new heavens and a new earth… the holy city, New Jerusalem, descending from heaven…"

Revelation 22:1-2 – "…the river of the water of life, coming out from the throne of God and the Lamb; in the middle of the street of the city and on the bank of the river on each side is the tree of life…"

Revelation 22:14 – "…they will have right to the tree of life and will enter into the city…"

Revelation 22:19 – "…his part of the tree of life and from the holy city…"

The unification of Jerusalem and Eden comprises the last revelation of Scriptures.  The last two chapters of Revelation unify the two great biblical themes of Eden and Jerusalem.  This rather shocking perspective unifies the plan of the Bible from beginning to end.

In the Garden of Eden, God planned for the people multiply, fill the earth, and eventually form a perfect society with a perfect King.  The capital of that kingdom would be at the center of the paradise.   The garden of paradise and the capital of the kingdom are one and the same.  

Adam was expelled eastward out of Eden; Abraham was sent back westward to Canaan. Adam sinned at the tree in Eden; Yeshua had to be hanged on a tree in Jerusalem to reverse the sin of mankind.   Abraham had to offer his son Isaac at the same location and David had to build his temple there.  From there Yeshua rose into heaven, and there He will return to set up His kingdom on earth. 

Ultimately Eden will be restored, along with all creation, with Jerusalem at the center.  The restoration of paradise, the glorification of Jerusalem, and the unification of heaven and earth all come together at the end of God's plan.


Don Finto

I'm glad I can't remember many of the circumstances, but I do remember that some years back, I was so troubled about a lot of things, that all night long I kept crying out to God, "Help!"

However, I never got into the throne room! All night long, my thoughts were on myself, my problems, and my needs.

We do not "enter His gates," crying, "Help!" We do not even enter His gates confessing our sins. We do not even know what sins to confess until we get before Him.

We enter His gates with thanksgiving and praise (see Psalm 100). This may be difficult at first, but then we get to enter in to the glory of Who God is, What Jesus has done for us, the work of His Spirit in our lives, and become lost in a sea of hope and trust. We are again aware of His goodness, His mercy, His love, and His forgiveness.

For example, maybe when driving to work every morning, or when just awakening and about to get out of bed, you say things to the Lord for which you are grateful: "Lord, thank you so much that it was sunny yesterday," or "Lord, I really enjoyed getting lunch with my friends. Thank you for allowing me to connect with them." Even the smallest day to day things that come in and out of our lives (whether events or people or nature) are worth giving thanks to the Lord.

Whatever our circumstances, however severe our needs, let us look away from ourselves and look to Him. In gratitude! And praise! The best is yet ahead! For all of us who are His followers!

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Dan Juster shares in Korea during a Passover conference.

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