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New Wave of Outreach in Tel Aviv with Signs Following

Gil Afriat  (Pastor at Tiferet Yeshua)

The Lord has been moving in an exciting way in Tiferet Yeshua congregation in Tel Aviv. In October, a couple of young adults initiated 40 days of fasting and prayer for spiritual awakening in the body in Israel that would lead to an awakening among our people. A significant group committed to the fast and we have been gathering for prayer meetings, and the Lord has been answering us.

Several young adults, inspired by the sermons of Todd White and Torben Sondergaard, have started going out to the streets of Tel Aviv, praying for the sick and sharing about Yeshua according to Luke 10. They have come back with testimonies of healings and open hearts. Many from our congregation and other congregations in Tel Aviv have caught the fire and joined in. For several weeks already, there are groups of believers on the streets of Tel Aviv almost every day, sharing the gospel, praying for people and extending help to people in need. There is a WhatsApp group dedicated to this purpose, and it is growing as more believers are exposed to what the Lord is doing. Even believers who were shy about their faith until now have started going out sharing their faith in the streets as well as in their places of work or study. 

Please pray for this fire to grow in strength, for God’s protection over this move of the Spirit, and for love, humility and unity amongst us, as these are the ingredients that will defeat the plans of the enemy and advance God’s Kingdom.

Strategic USA Trip Recap

Dan Juster

My trip in November began with meetings in Dallas, Texas with the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL), who represent thousands of churches.  The fellowship was very good.  Guy Cohen of Ketzir Asher in Acco attended with me.   It was the first time that I was a plenary speaker.  My message on the identity of the church as a body connected to Israel and Israel's destiny, along with Jurgan Buhler of the Christian Embassy excellent message on Israel and the Church may have brought breakthrough for ICAL.

I left the ICAL meetings for one night to attend the transition of leadership meeting for the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute.  20 years ago, I was one of the founders of this important ministry.  In this Banquet we recognized Wayne Wilkes 20 years of service and also the new young President Nic Lesmeister.   Former Governor Rick Perry was the key note presenter and was wonderfully relevant and supportive. 

Then I traveled to Denver to spend time with Steward and Millie Lieberman who are connected to a new Tikkun congregational plant and spoke twice to the congregation. Next my son Ben and I along with several Tikkun congregational leaders attended The Messianic Jewish Roundtable sponsored by Jewish Voice under Jonathan Bernis.  A few hundred attended.  Again, I was privileged to bring a major address on building a leadership team with covenant love and trust.  The idea of vision, character, program, implementation and enforcement were presented as keys to building trust.  

Next was Rosh Pina, our congregation north of Baltimore for very important meetings with the leaders and the people.  Then on to Frederick Maryland for three days of our Tikkun American Apostolic Team meetings where the nine members of our team planned and strategized for our next year and beyond.  We now have a strong team of effective leaders who travel to train and equip in our congregations.  Included was a review of our Institute program.  In January we have four regional Institutes in the West (Phoenix), Mid-West (Nashville), North East (New York), and Mid Atlantic (Frederick Maryland).  We also reviewed plans for our late spring conference at the end of May and early June, with guests Mike Bickle and Misty Edwards from IHOP, and also Eitan Shishkoff, Asher Intrater, Paul Wilbur, and myself.  It will be like a heritage reunion conference.

After The Fires

Youval takes you out to what use to be beautiful nature outsides Jerusalem but is now dust and ashes. Watch here.

Overcoming Cancer

Eddie Santoro (Pastor at Ahavat Yeshua) shares about his experiences from the last year of being diagnosed with cancer twice and then his victorious battle to overcome. This journey has increased his faith for healing and he is now seeing an increase of healings in those he ministers to!  Watch in English.