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Three Steps to Change the World

By Asher Intrater

The message of Yeshua not only changes us personally, it also changes the whole world. The message of personal change may be called, "the gospel of salvation;" the message to change the world may be called, "the gospel of the kingdom."  The Word of God is a little seed in our heart that grows until it becomes a tree that fills the whole world (Matthew 13:32).

Therefore Yeshua calls us to change ourselves first and then to change the world.  The gospel contains a challenge to personal holiness and to world redemption. The aspects of changing the world may be seen in three steps:

  1. World Evangelism
  2. World Revival
  3. World Restoration.

We can see these three steps in a "theme" verse from Acts 1, 2 and 3.  (The book of Acts is not just a historical record for us; it is a pattern for biblical lifestyle and also a prophetic guide for the future.)

  • In Acts 1:8 Yeshua gives us the great mandate to "be witnesses of me in Jerusalem, all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." 
  • In Acts 2:17 Peter quotes Joel as prophesying a great revival in the end times, "it will come to pass in the latter days that I will pour out My spirit on all flesh."
  • In Acts 3:21 Peter summarizes the final stage of the gospel message taking place at the Second Coming of Yeshua as, "the restoration of all things."

(The concept in Judaism of World Redemption is called Tikkun Olam from which we derive the name of our family of ministries, Tikkun International.)

It's as clear as one, two, three:

  1. Acts 1:8 - World Evangelism
  2. Acts 2:17 - World Revival
  3. Acts 3:21 - World Restoration

The Millennial generation is looking for truth that can give them personal hope and security but also challenges them to change the world.

Revive Israel in Korea

Ariel Blumenthal

In my early twenties I was a Zen Buddhist living in Tokyo, Japan.  One day in early ’92, I met some Christians who invited me to church—a Korean-Japanese church in Shibuya.  On June 2nd that year, a special outreach team came from Korea to Japan, having fasted and prayed for many days.  During this meeting I had a dramatic encounter with the crucified and risen Yeshua—I was saved from my sins and born again that night.  My life has never been the same!  Thank you Korea! Thank you Korean Christians!

Last weekend, July 1-3, Jeremiah and I went to Korea to join in celebrating the opening of Revive Israel Korea.  For me, it was a kind of closing of a “One New Man” circle of love and thanks with Korea that began on that day 24 years ago in Tokyo.  Over these years, Asher has also been to Korea many, many times—laying the foundation for revival and covenantal relationships between us.  We are so grateful for the friendships, love and support that we have from our brothers and sisters in that nation.

All over Asia, we are finding Christians desiring to connect with the Israeli “remnant” in this way by establishing their own RI offices in several nations of East Asia.  Many thanks to Lois, Shaul, and Jacob in Korea who have laid the groundwork for this office in Korea.  We spent the weekend in Seoul in worship, prayer, fellowship and study together.  On the first night, I shared a message about the mystery of pleroma, the Greek word for “fullness.” On the 2nd day, I shared about the fullness of time and the establishing of the “One New Man” church of Jew & Gentile, Israel & the nations in these Last Days. 

In the end, we all felt like a great pipeline in the Holy Spirit is being laid across Asia—in this case between Israel & Korea.  Like an oil pipeline, it can seem quite small against the vast background of the Asia land mass and its billions of people, but it carries energy that fuels the lives and economies of whole nations.  We believe that in the End Times this kind of pipeline will be established between the believing remnant in Israel and every nation, and great spiritual energy will flow through it in both directions!

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