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How We See Social Justice

Asher Intrater

When we ask the question; "what is our role as believers within the society around us," two extremes arise:

One is of just sharing the gospel and praying but having no real practical influence on the society at large.

The other extreme says that we are to take dominion over every sphere of society now.

Our view is in between these two:

  1. We are first called to pray, preach, disciple and build congregations
  2. We are not called as ecclesiastical organizations to take control over governmental institutions
  3. We are called to influence the society around us with biblical moral values

In Yeshua's words we are to be "salt" and "light." We are "pursue justice and righteousness." At the 7th Trumpet we find the final revelation that "the kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of our Lord… (Revelation 11:15)."   There is no total dominion until Yeshua returns; however, we are to have as much positive influence as possible until then.

Moral example is more personal and individual; while social justice is to come from the influence of the local congregation.

What would be moral examples?

Things like:

  1. The boss at work knowing that you will not steal money
  2. Your friends knowing that you will not lie
  3. Your neighbor's wife knowing that you will not try to commit adultery
  4. In general being a living example of the life of Yeshua and not only talking about Him

What would be social justice issues?

Things like:

  1. Helping the poor and needy, through educational, medical and charitable institutions
  2. Supporting righteous legislation, leaders and candidates for government offices
  3. Protecting the society from pornography, child abuse, human trafficking, etc.
  4. Supporting police, judges and soldiers to fight crime, terrorism, and corruption
  5. In general bringing values of the kingdom of God into our society

As believers we are called to both; moral example and social justice, seeking to have as much impact in our society for Yeshua's glory before He returns.

Strategic Partnership

Daniel Juster

Our relationship with Mike Bickle and the ministry in Kansas City goes back to 1990. The connection came through John Wimber. In those days, it was called Kansas City Fellowship. A decade later the International House of Prayer was founded, which is an expression of the original prophetic vision given to Mike Bickle in 1984. The prophecy was that Mike was called as a catalyst of a prayer movement that would lead to 100 million people praying for the salvation of Israel. I was part of the beginnings of IHOP and was able to present the importance of the Messianic Jewish restoration. This led to annual Israel Mandate Conferences where Asher Intrater, Eitan Shishkoff, and I were primary presenters.

The recent “Israel Intensive” conference included important presentations from Asher and me on the identity of the Church and on the Last Days. Asher’s messages were very powerful. However, I think the more important aspect of our time was the extended times of dialogue with senior IHOP team staff and the Israel Initiative Team. In my view the gain will be a deeper partnership. This is so very important to us because our ministries depend on prayer and we have no greater prayer support than IHOP. In addition, IHOP influences us in deepening a culture of prayer and intercession.

I know you will be very blessed by the messages from last week. Here is the first message I shared entitled "Your Destiny and Identity in Alignment with the Purposes of Israel"

To watch or listen, click HERE!

Recap from the East Asia Retreat

Cody Archer

Our first ever Revive Israel East Asia Leaders’ Retreat (May 1-4) in Bangkok, Thailand was vitally important and beyond what we expected. Nine nations were represented, including our team of Thai translators, editors, pastors and partners. The reality of being a part of a global family—based in Israel-- was strengthened as we experienced deeper relational unity and saw more clearly our need for each other.

We were encouraged by the fruit of Revive Thailand, led by Mark and Felicity, in their outreach to the many Pakistani refugees in Bangkok, and the Urdu speaking church they have planted. The financial needs of their work (including a day school for refugee children) have grown significantly over the last year and we would like to ask you to learn more about what they are doing and to sow a financial gift into their ministry. Please visit their web site:

Thailand is a very unique country concerning its connection to Israel. Each year, more Israelis travel to Thailand than any other country (about 120,000). There is much opportunity to share the gospel with Israelis in a relaxed environment. And in the opposite direction, about 25,000 Thai people are currently living and working in Israel, mostly in agriculture.  Most of our Israeli fruit and vegetables are picked by Thai workers, in a kind of fulfillment of Isaiah 61:5 "Strangers shall stand and feed your flocks, and the sons of the foreigner shall be your plowmen and your vine dressers."

Ariel and I spoke in three different churches and we were encouraged by the eagerness of the Thai believers to stand with Israel. To watch one of the teachings see below.

The Nations will Attack Jerusalem

In this message Cody Archer speaks from the last chapters of Zachariah about one of the events that will happen in the end times – all the nations coming up to attack Jerusalem and the Jewish people. Why is this? What is motivating the nations to do such a thing? Find out by watching this message in English with Thai translation. Click HERE!

How to Read Your Bible

Want to know how to read your bible?  Watch this teaching by Asher Intrater, and learn how. To watch in English, click HERE!