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Northern Army

By Asher Intrater

The geography of the nation of Israel is such that a major land invasion can only come from the north. On the east and south are mountains and deserts. On the west is the sea.  Coming down from the north, before hitting the central mountain range in Judea and Samaria, one arrives at a wide open plain in the Jezreel valley around Megiddo.  This is the natural place for a large land battle.  From Har Megiddo is derived the name Armageddon.

The Bible speaks of the entrance of foreign armies from the north:
Jeremiah 1:14 – Evil will open up from the north
Joel 2:20 – I will remove the northern army far from you
Ezekiel 38:15 – You will come from your place on the sides of the north (Gog and Magog)

In the 1990's American military forces in Iraq formed a certain barrier against the movement of terrorist groups in the area. When they were removed, there was a regrouping of Islamic extremists in the area.  Eventually ISIS was formed, and consolidated forces in a large area of Iraq and Syria.  They began to attack the Assad regime in Syria that had been supported by Iran.  Therefore Iran and its daughter terrorist group in Lebanon, Hezbollah, began to fight back.  This week Russia landed forces in Syria, seeing to reestablish their influence in the region.

In short, as of this week, in the area of Syria, immediately to the north of the Israeli border, have been gathered military and terrorist troops connected to: Al Qaida, ISIS, Assad, Russia, Hezbollah, and Iran.  They are all there fighting against one another, adjacent to Israel's northern border.  Let us keep praying that they will stay divided (Luke 11:17). The one potential issue that could unite them is their common desire to wipe Israel off the map.

Last week Khamenei, the spiritual leader of Iran, proclaimed that within 25 years Israel would cease to exist.  I feel a certain "demonic inspiration" on his “25 prophecy.”  It may come to pass-- but with just the opposite result: that within 25 years the northern, evil coalition will unite to attack Israel, which will lead to the events of the end times tribulation and eventually to the coming of Messiah Yeshua in victory and power to restore the kingdom to Israel and rule the earth in the Millennium from Jerusalem.

Day of Atonement

Our celebration of Yom Kippur was outstanding.  The five congregations and their leadership were in exemplary unity.  The rooms at Yad Hashmonah were packed to the full.  The presence and anointing of the Holy Spirit through all the worship and teaching times was tangible. 

We had public readings of Jonah, Hebrews, and Leviticus (from the Torah scroll).  After fasting all day, we ended with the blowing of the Shofar, with shouts of "Baruch Haba."  From speaking in Hebrew to praying in tongues, the whole event was prophetic in nature, filled with love and honoring to Yeshua.  Something of historic significance is taking place.

Who We Are as the Ecclesia (part 1)

In this message Asher speaks from the book of Ephesians on the calling of the individual believer as well as the entire church in the plan of God. How can we stand in accordance with this plan? To watch in English, click HERE!

Sharing with Friends (part two)

By Rachel Netanel

Moshe invited me to speak to thirty of his students at the Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized Yeshua.  I realized that this was the same place that Joshua crossed the Jordan into the Land of Promise.  We went down into the waters of the Jordan.  In Hebrew the word ‘Jordan’ means to go down.  The Syrian captain Naaman was told to ‘go down’ to the Jordan River.   This meant to humble himself.  He had to humble himself in order to receive his healing.

The next day, Penina came with two friends to have lunch with us.  One of them is a numerologist (Jewish mysticism).   I read Deut. 18:10-12:   "Those who interpret omens, or a sorcerer, or a medium, or a spiritist… are an abomination to the Lord."  She was shocked and surprised.  I told her to pray to the God of Truth and He would reveal the Truth to her. The other lady asked for prayer immediately and she was so touched that she wanted to come again the next day.

Last Friday when we were in the local village of Abu Gosh, an Arab driver accidentally damaged the whole side of our car.   Fortunately no one was hurt. I observed that he had a soft heart and invited him to come to our home.  He came back with us and I felt so tired but as soon as I started talking about Yeshua, I was filled with energy.  God is amazing!

Music Video – "Watchman: The Prophecy"

This is Jeremiah with another music video from Jerusalem!  You remember our first video "Watchman" filmed in the Old City.  Today, we present the new sequel "Watchman: The Prophecy".  The story is essentially a vision of the end-times in Jerusalem, seen through the eyes of "Golda" after she is miraculously saved by the Angel Shira. To watch in English, click HERE! Produced by Maoz Ministries.
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