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A Quest for Unity

By Dan Juster

Yeshua’s prayer from John 17 envisions a unity among believers that is like the unity of His relationship with the Father.  “That they all may be one as you, Father, are in me, and I in you; that they also may be one in Us that the world may believe that you sent Me” (John 17:21).  We can also see that the unity of Yeshua’s followers is a key to the redemption of the world.

His prayer requires us to believe that this will happen.  How do we work for unity?  First, in our own congregations, we are to pray for unity and to come against the attacking spirits of evil that bring division, gossip, and more.  In addition, we are to support the vision and direction of leaders where it is in line with Scripture. Beyond the local congregation, this unity will be expressed in praying for the unity of the leaders and congregations in our cities, counties, and regions.  This means that congregational leaders will be drawn together for prayer and cooperative ministry.  In addition, it means that we will pray for a recognized leadership to be called of God to lead the unity of the congregation of the city.  They will have a governmental role.

Levels of Unity

Unity is expressed at many levels.  A family in true unity has tremendous power as a force for the Kingdom.  An eldership in unity also has great power.   A whole congregation has more power.  An apostolic stream of congregations has even more power.  When congregations in an area are in unity, they have the power to bind the princes of darkness over a territory.  In this unity great power will be released for salvation in each region. 

We are told that when brothers dwell together in unity, God has commanded a blessing (Psalm 133).  Unity comes through love that flows supernaturally from our relationship with Yeshua.  Yeshua’s prayer is ultimately for linking true disciples in unity throughout the whole world.  This prayer for unity must be fulfilled before His second coming, for after His coming no prayer for unity will be needed.

From Closer to Closer

Five-fold ministry (Eph. 4:11-16) is a key to this unity, especially the recognition of apostolic and prophetic authority and leadership.  For under such equipping ministries, we will come to the unity of the faith and grow into a mature corporate man, fully equipped. 

I believe that only a mighty revival will bring this unity, which will include new orientations in doctrine so that we can come together.  The idea of a sloppy unity where there is a watering down of convictions is not biblical.  The Spirit of God can bring us closer and closer in our convictions and can help us to cooperate in mutually beneficial efforts for the Kingdom. This quest for unity should characterize our whole lives.

Bringing The Kingdom Of Heaven To Earth - Part 2

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Living in Secret

By Joel Helski

In Mathew 6, Yeshua gave three parables focused on living in secret. He is teaching us to pray, fast, and give in secret.  In all three, the same words appear - who sees in secret. This is a powerful principle. The main lesson to be learned here is not that doing these things in public is bad, but that the main motivation behind our spiritual life is to be secret, not public. If receiving recognition from man is the motive, it is sin, simple as that.

It’s the secret motives that matter, between us and God alone. That is the goal.  Even great works, when motivated by pride, recognition, or selfishness, are sin--and bad fruit in God’s eyes. Those works don’t glorify Him - they feed our ego and need for recognition.

Today our society is obsessed with “self.” It goes against what Yeshua taught. The world encourages us to show ourselves to everyone in a positive light: “don’t be the outsider, be cool, be accepted.”  We put on a “show” for others to see, and many times we don’t actually realize we do it (at least us young people) because it’s become so normal.

Valuing the Inner Life

Our need to constantly think of how we are perceived by others, how we look, how we sound, and to be accepted by society is wrong. You can compare it to the parable of the ten virgins: five foolish virgins were ready to go to the wedding. They had the dress, the makeup, the shoes, and even the lamp - just not the oil. From the outside, they looked ready. But once all those things were stripped away, and reality kicked in, they had nothing. The oil was everything, and the hidden things were much more valuable than those seen to others.

Today, whole companies base their products and advertising on these principles - starting with social media, to even the selfie stick! It's all about “me,” and how others see me, being recognized and seen in public. Today’s technology has created for us a compartmentalized “virtual reality,”  in which we put on display only a small fraction of our real life experience. People present what they want to present, what we want others to see. It makes us feel good, as if we are doing well, when many times our lives may actually be pretty empty. Satisfaction based on other people’s acceptance is false, and very limited - it’s never enough. Satisfaction based on intimacy with the Lord is His desire for us.

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