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To Be Seen

By Asher Intrater

In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), Yeshua teaches about the Ten Commandments, explaining the true heart motivation that should be the foundation of our understanding and obedience to “Torah.”  The Mount of Beatitudes interprets Mount Sinai.  When dealing with spiritual leaders, Yeshua repeatedly addressed a certain attitude of the heart: the desire to be seen. 

Matthew 6:1 – Beware that you do not do your charitable deeds before men in order to be seen by them.

Even our good deeds can be tainted by this subtle motivation.  How much of our "ministry" is motivated by a desire to have people honor us and see us as righteous?

Matthew 6:5 – Do not be as the hypocrites, who love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners in order to be seen by men.

In worship times and congregational meetings, are we secretly hoping that someone will notice how spiritual and "anointed" we are?

Matthew 6:7 – When you pray, do not heap up words like the Gentiles, thinking that they will be heard for their many words.

When we pray or teach or lead meetings, are we fascinated by the sound of our voice and think others love listening to that sound as well?

Matthew 6:16 – Do not be like the hypocrites, for they change the appearance of their faces in order to be seen as fasting by men.

Do you have a certain "super-spiritual" look that you put on your face when dealing with spiritual topics? Do you think that you will impress people by the way you look to think that you are serious and sincere, holy and loving, caring and concerned? Yeshua calls that "hypo"-"creed," false or phony faith.  Ouch!

And in rebuking the Pharisees, He added:
Matthew 23:5 – They do all their good works in order to be seen by men.

There seems to be a certain desire, prevalent among spiritual leaders, to have others look at us, or at least look at us with honor.  (It's almost like the reverse of the desire of the eyes to look upon a woman with lust – Matthew 5:28.

I wonder why Yeshua repeats Himself so much? He seems to be awfully redundant here, don't you think? Perhaps He repeats Himself so much because the problem repeats itself so often among so many spiritual leaders in so many different situations.

Yeshua also said that we are to desire that our good works be seen.

Mathew 5:16 – Let your light so shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

The issue is not whether we are seen, but why? To what degree are we doing "good works" for God's glory alone, or subtly deceiving ourselves to garner part of that glory for ourselves?

Aspects of a True Worshipper

In this message, our dear friend Paul Wilbur shares some of his testimony and points out some key characteristics God is looking for in a true worshipper. To watch in English, click HERE!

Update from Beit Yeshua

Over the past 25 years, drug rehab centers have risen up all over Israel. Beit Yeshua (House of Yeshua/Salvation) in Jerusalem has been open to addicts for the past 10 years.  The ministry leaders witness to addicts on the street, praying for them and inviting them to join a one year program where they study the Bible and learn practical skills. Almost all those who complete the first month of the course end up finishing and coming to know Yeshua.

Last week one of our staff members, Roni Rejuwan, who serves regularly at Beit Yeshua, had the privilege of immersing three ex-addicts! Please pray for Roni and the ministry of Beit Yeshua as they shepherd and tend to the participants who not only receive freedom from their addictions but also spiritual restoration.

Palestinians are Being Murdered

By Ron Cantor, Tiferet Yeshua

Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee camp is under siege by Assad and under attack by ISIS. It has shrunk from 160,000 Palestinians to 18,000 in three years. Tens of thousands fled, thousands have been murdered, and many have died of starvation. Many of the remaining Palestinians are being prevented from leaving Yarmouk by ISIS, who instead is forcing them to be human shields… sound familiar? Yarmouk has been described as an open-air prison.
Palestinians are experiencing a real genocide and no one cares. Where is the Outrage?

To read the rest of the article in English, click HERE!

Israeli Cabinet

Continue to pray for final cabinet post decisions; there has been concern over Shas' party potential domination of the interior ministry and the religion ministry. 

Gay Marriage

A monumental decision is at hand in the US Supreme court concerning same sex marriage.  This decision could affect other nations around the world as well.  The nine judges seem to be split (4 in favour, 4 against), with the swing vote in the hands of Anthony Kennedy. A hypothetical question arose during one of the preliminary hearings as to whether the Supreme Court should guarantee rights for a 3 person marriage.   

Our friend Michael Brown addresses the issues of same sex marriage in English – read it here.


Our hearts go out to the thousands of victims of the recent earthquakes.  Israel has sent planes to evacuate almost 2,000 of its citizens from the area. At this time, only one, Or Asraf, is still missing.  Israel has sent the largest relief team of any nation in the world - 250 persons. This is due to a highly developed system of transporting an entire field hospital that can be set up immediately to any location in the world.