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©7 November 2014 Revive Israel Ministries

Exploding Violence

By Eddie Santoro

Over the years of our sojourn in Israel, we have lived through many waves of terrorist violence. The first intifada (Palestinian uprising) from 1987-1991 predated our arrival here. The second intifada occurred over the years 2000- 2005. Lately, with the increase of violence in the city of Jerusalem, another intifada is threatening to explode.

This week Ibrahim al-Akary, a 48 year old father of five, plowed  his van into one of the light rail stations filled with pedestrians. One Druze resident of Jerusalem died and eleven other Israelis were wounded, three critically. This attack was a copy of an event that occurred just last week in which a three month old baby lost her life as a result of a vehicle terror attack at another light rail station. Both terrorist drivers were killed by security forces.

Last night, just a few hours after the pedestrian attack, three soldiers standing on the side of a road were run down by another terrorist driver. All three were wounded, one seriously. This time the alleged driver surrendered to security forces in the midst of a massive manhunt.

In all of these incidences, the terrorist murderers were immediately exalted as "martyrs and heroes" by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Each of their funerals led to widespread rioting in the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

The Temple Mount

Added to this volatile mix has been the ongoing violence surrounding the Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site and the location of the Al Aska Mosque. This has become another “flash point” since the attempted assassination of Rabbi Yehuda Glick, a leading proponent of the right of Jews to pray on the Temple Mount. He was shot four times by a terrorist on a motorcycle last week and is currently recovering from his life threatening wounds.

Since then, young Palestinians have been gathering nightly to riot and carry out unprovoked attacks against Israeli police. Israel's closure of the Temple Mount last week for security resons and a brief incursion into the Al Aska Mosque in pursuit of rioters has been exagerated by the Muslim world as an attempt by Israel to prevent access to Muslims and ultimately to destroy the Al Aska Mosque. In response to these allegations, the entire Arab world is in an uproar.

Please pray that this wave of violence would be stopped and not escalate into a third intifada; for wisdom for the Israeli government on how to respond; against the spirit of jihadist Islam that is raising such havoc and darkness; and for the salvation of the Palestinian people and the multitudes of Moslems around the world.

Update from Japan-Fukushima elections; APEC Meeting from Nov 7-11

By Ariel Blumenthal

Thank you all for praying for our emissary in Japan, Yoshitaka Ikarashi.  Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful in his bid to become the governor of Fukushima prefecture.  He “ran” well for the 3 weeks of the election and garnered over 11,000 votes; but it wasn’t enough to beat the incumbent Lieutenant Governor. 
Yet, there are many positive things that came out of his campaign—the most important being a new connection with China.  One of Yoshitaka’s strongest supporters, Mr Hirobe, has many friends in China, and is the director of the Japan-China Friendship Society.  He has taken Yoshitaka under his wing; and the two of them will be attending, and working behind the scenes, at the upcoming APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) conference in Beijing, from November 7-11.  One news source says that this “is shaping up to be the most momentous, possibly historic, diplomatic event in Asia in recent years.” (Forbes; Oct 27) In China and Japan, there is great expectation for at least a historic handshake and potential reconciliation between their leaders, as their nations have come close to armed conflict again, ostensibly because of the controversy of who owns several small islands in the ocean between the two countries.  In reality, there is much pride and old wounds between the two nations that need healing. 
Please pray for this conference, especially for the two days of Nov 10-11, when the prime ministers will meet—including Xi Jinping of China, Abe Shinzo of Japan, Vladimir Putin of Russian, and Pres. Obama.  Let’s pray for true peace, righteousness, repentance and friendship between China and Japan!

Archer's Canada Recap

By Cody Archer  

We have just returned to Israel and are so thankful for the time we had in Canada. Thank you to all who prayed for us! It was a very successful trip. I spoke 12 different times. Here is a testimony of healing:

After speaking on sexual purity to a Baptist youth group, the pastor offered to walk me to my car. In the parking lot he stopped me and asked if I would pray for his shoulder. Before we prayed, he lifted his arms above his head to show me that due to the pain and stiffness, the reach of his right arm was at least 6 centimeters shorter than the left. After praying a couple times there was a noticeable improvement. So we prayed a third time and all the pain disappeared! He could freely swing his arm around and reach just as high as his left arm!

After this we went back inside to share this testimony with the youth and offered to pray for others. The pain in a young man's tail bone disappeared instantly and a girl's heel improved greatly through prayer! 

Terror Attacks in Canada

In one week, near the end of October, two Canadian soldiers were murdered by Islamic terrorists. The second attack happened at the epicenter of Canadian government in Ottawa. We heard a number of Canadian's say things like, "Wow, the things we see on the news happening in far off countries, are now happening here." Please pray for Canada and her stand against terror both inside and outside of her borders.