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©24 October 2014 Revive Israel Ministries

The 24 Elders

By Asher Intrater

In the Book of Revelation we find an unusual and rather astonishing group of people, known as the “24 elders."  They seem to be an elite group of leaders who are assembled right in the throne area of God Himself, along with Yeshua and the “4 Living Creatures."

Their specific identity is not known, but the number 24 is obviously 2 times 12, and thus reminds us of the 12 tribes and the 12 apostles of Yeshua.  He told the apostles that if they would be faithful to Him unto death, they would sit on 12 thrones, ruling and judging the 12 tribes of Israel in the Messianic kingdom after the resurrection (Matthew 19:28). Perhaps the second 12 represent ruling positions for the rest of the nations as well.

In any case their proximity to the throne of God is beyond imagination.  How could anyone ever reach such a position of near divinity? Interestingly enough, in all six mentions of the 24 elders we find them doing the exact same thing: humbling themselves and worshipping God.

They fall prostrate, worship and throw their crowns before God (Revelation 4:10); they pray and praise with their harps and bowls, and of course fall prostrate (5:8); fall and worship again (5:14); fall and worship, along with myriads of angels and saints (7:11); fall and worship at the Seventh Trumpet (11:16); fall and worship before the Second Coming (19:4).

Their humility and worship is the primary common denominator in the description of the 24 elders; in fact almost the only characteristic mentioned.  This reminds us of Moses falling on his face before his critics, of Joshua staying in the tent of meeting, of David worshipping in the field as a shepherd boy.

 It seems that the humility and worship of the 24 elders was the essential quality and prerequisite in their reaching the highest conceivable level of destiny, glory and authority. Is that also what God is looking for in you and me?

Israel and the Philippines

By Alberto Fernandez

There is a divine and insoluble link between God's chosen nation Israel and our nation, the Philippines.  Here are several testimonies of how that relationship has been sovereignly orchestrated by God.   

First, in 1939 President Manuel Quezon created an "open door" policy and granted visas for Jews fleeing from the Holocaust in Europe to find a safe haven in Manila.  Quezon even donated some of his own land in Marikina to accommodate the refugees.  Some 1,200 Jews made it to the Philippines and were saved.  If doors were not tightened in Europe by Hitler, the nation was prepared to receive up to 10,000 Jews.   

Second, on November 29, 1947 in the tense drama over the U.N. partition plan, the Philippines was the last nation to vote in favor of creating the Jewish state which gave the two-thirds majority.  One eye-witness account reported that one of the Israeli diplomatic team found the Philippine delegate in the men's toilet and rushed him into the hall for the decisive vote.

Third, during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israel was caught by surprise that the Russians had supplied the Egyptians with "Surface to Air Missiles (SAM)."  Israel's aircraft was depleted and the United States could not intervene because of danger of an escalation in tensions with Russia.  At that time, Iran was under the rule of their ally Shah Pahlavi and thus hosted a US Airbase.  

A US aircraft contractor in the base had hired 600 plus Filipino aircraft mechanics to help build capabilities of the Iran Aircraft Industries.  During a crucial moment of this difficult war, all other workers were pulled out except for the Filipinos who were left alone to do the menial job of painting the Star of David over all US aircraft logos.  They only realized the significance of what they did to help the Israeli forces win the war several decades later.

We believe there is a blessing on the Philippines because of the way we have stood with Israel (Genesis 12:3).    

Chinese Breakthrough

By Ariel Blumenthal

These past two weeks have seen a certain breakthrough in the relationships between the Chinese Christians and the Messianic Body in Israel.  As we reported last week from the teaching of Zhang Fuheng, the revival in China goes back to the 1920's during which time the first wave of new Christians in China received their "back to Jerusalem" vision.  The huge spread of the gospel in the persecuted "underground" Church in the 1980's witnessed a restoration of that same Jerusalem vision.   During recent conferences and meetings, several  Chinese leaders have expressed that they see this almost 100-year old vision beginning to come to pass.

Part of their vision includes not only bringing the gospel to Jews and Arabs, but seeing reconciliation between Jews and Arabs as a result of the prayers and evangelism of the Chinese.  In one key meeting, an Egyptian Arab believer came forward to express his willingness in humility to be "married" spirituality to the Messianic brothers.  Asher came forward and hugged him.  Everyone began to cry. Asher and Ariel repented on behalf of the Messianic community for our pride and betrayal—both of Yeshua and our Arab brothers and sisters. 

A powerful time of intercession broke forth with Chinese, Arab, Jew and Internationals alike.  For about an hour and a half this spontaneous release went on; we could feel powers and principalities of evil being torn down.  The testimony of what happened has been spreading back throughout the Chinese and Arabic churches.  As we look forward to the major "822 Call Gathering" conference in Jerusalem from November 10-13 there is a sense of a major spiritual turning point. ( One verse that has been referred to repeatedly in prayer by various participants is Ephesians 3:10 – "And so the manifold wisdom of God will be made known by the church to the powers and principalities in the heavenlies."

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