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©11 July 2014 Revive Israel Ministries

Root of Anti-Semitism

By Asher Intrater

After the fall of Adam and Eve, God promised that a "seed" of the woman would be born to "crush the head of the serpent" (Gen. 3:15). That started a war between God and Satan.  The seed was to be born through the Jewish people. Therefore demonic forces have always tried to kill the Jews in order to kill the seed of Messiah within them.

Throughout the Torah, before they entered the Promised Land, the people of Israel are attacked repeatedly: 

  • In Egypt, Pharoah tried to kill all the male children (EX. 1).
  • Then the Amalakites attacked them (Ex. 17)
  • Then the Edomites (Nu. 20:14)
  • Then the Canaanites (Nu. 21:1)
  • Then Sihon and the Amorites (Nu. 21:21)
  • Then Og from Bashan (Nu. 21:31)
  • Then Balak and the Moabites (Nu. 22)

The attacks on the Jewish people continued throughout ancient history (Est. 3:6), during Herod's time in the gospels (Mat. 2:16), and then the Roman Empire.  Anti-Semitism spread into the Church, into Europe, the Nazis, and today in Islamic Jihad. Anti-Semitism is perplexing to Jews. Why does everyone seem to hate us? 

It seems to me that the root of anti-Semitism is Yeshua (Jesus). How can that be? As one Israeli writer said, "It's not because Yeshua was crucified among us, but because he was born among us."  It's not that the New Covenant is anti-Semitic, but just the opposite.

God reveals Himself to mankind in the form of a man… and that Man is Jewish. The Gentiles are supposed to worship Him as Christ and receive His authority as King. Not only that, but this Jewish Messiah then appoints 12 other Jewish men to rule the world with Him (Matt 19:28). That makes the Gentile nations jealous and offended.

Some of our Arab Christian friends say that they have trouble sharing the gospel because it sounds to their neighbors and relatives as if it is a message of Jewish-Zionist superiority.

Yeshua will one day return to Jerusalem.  At that time Satan will be incarcerated for 1,000 years.  Yeshua's return is connected by covenant and prophecy to the Jewish people (Matt. 23:39; Zech. 14).  Satan cannot attack Yeshua directly; therefore he tries to annihilate the Jewish people in order to prevent Yeshua's return.

Some ultra-orthodox Jews attack Messianic Jews.  There is a similarity between the "Anti-Messianic (anti-missionary)" spirit and the spirit of Anti-Semitism.  Ultimately both are aimed at stopping Yeshua from returning and ruling.  Anti-semitism tries to kill the Messianic seed from the “outside”; Anti-Messianics try to stop the Messianic seed from within.

The Anti-Messianic missionaries tell our people that they should not believe in Yeshua because this has brought anti-Semitism and disasters.  .  There is a great paradox here: Anti-Semitism is a reaction to the New Covenant, but not because it is anti-Jewish - but because it is too pro-Jewish!!

Jewish Terror

Israeli police arrested this week 6 Jewish men from ages 16-25 for the murder of 16 year old Muhammad Abu Hadir from Shuafat, an Arab suburb of north Jerusalem.  All 6 were from religious backgrounds.  Horribly, it seems they set the boy on fire, while still alive.  They did this in revenge for the murder of the 3 Jewish teenagers earlier this month near Hebron.

Almost everyone in Israel is repulsed by this murder.  Prime Minister Netanyahu even called the parents of the murdered boy to express his condolences; he then stated that full punishment will be exacted.  The Israeli government is committed to maintaining law and order.  There has been widespread condemnation at this act of Jewish terror.

And here is where the most significant difference is found:  The Jewish terrorists are a small fringe group, rejected by the vast majority of Israelis, and vilified in the Israeli media.  The Palestinian terrorists are hailed as martyrs, idolized by the public, and seen as heroic leaders of Islamic Jihad.

“War” in Gaza

Over 200 rockets have been shot into Israel from Gaza this week.  The rockets have mostly fallen in open fields; many have been intercepted in mid-air by the brilliant Iron Dome defense systems, but some landed in civilian populated areas causing fear and property damage. 

Israeli has called up the reserves and is launching a major offensive to destroy the Hamas infrastructure. One Israeli intelligence source said that the IDF already has 3,000 strategic sites identified within Gaza.  To destroy these sites will require a major land offensive.  

Hamas has stockpiled huge amounts of weapons over the past few years, although most are relatively primitive compared to Israel's.  The challenge for Israel is not the brute force of the opposition, but the bizarre psychological nature of the Hamas extremists and their supporters. 

The Hamas rockets are stored and fired on purpose from civilian homes in the hopes of causing civilian casualties to make Israel look bad. Although Hamas knows they cannot win a war, they are causing the escalation on purpose to show themselves as the attackers of Israel.  Hamas propaganda is purposely spreading lies and "disinformation" to create false hopes in their people.

And of course international media does not expose the Jihad extremism which is causing the conflict, but concentrates rather on the civilians killed by Israeli attacks.

Let's pray for:

  • Few as possible innocent citizens, Jews and Arabs, to be killed
  • Destruction of Hamas
  • Protection of tiny Christian community in Gaza
  • Break lies of Jihad brainwashing among Palestinians
  • Break lies of Jihad propaganda in international media
  • Egypt to stay firm against terrorists
  • Arrangement after conflict for peaceful co-existence

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