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©28 March 2014 Revive Israel Ministries

The Battle Over Yad Hashmona

Standing for biblical truths in the first century meant facing persecution, prison, stoning and even death. Today in Israel standing for biblical truths can mean harassment, alienation and lawsuits. Here is a unique and modern story of how Yad HaShmona (a Messianic Jewish Village) stood for biblical truths and was forced to close their business. To watch, click HERE!

John 17 and the Tower of Babel

By Asher Intrater

Yeshua's prayer for the unity of the ecclesia (international church) is a profound revelation of God's plan for us.

John 17:21-23
May they all be one, as you father are in me and I in you, may they also be in us. I have given them the glory which you have given me that they may be one as we are one; I in them, and you in me, that they may be made perfect in being one...

Yeshua is not just praying for all of us to be united, but in that unity come to a place of glory, power and authority.  This prayer can "reverse the curse" of Babel.

Genesis 11:6
They are one people and one language for them all… Now nothing will be impossible for them in all they intend to do.

Babel shows the unlimited evil potential of the human race. John 17 shows the unlimited positive potential of the human race. Yeshua prayed that nothing at all will be impossible as our hearts are perfected and unified with our heavenly father, and with one another. Let's walk in this full destiny which God intends for us.

Video in Arabic Defending Jews

A dear friend of ours, a Palestinian ex-Muslim, produced an amazing video with his Arab Christian presenter. Their names are concealed for security purposes.

Here are some translated excerpts:

Among the 12 million Jews in the world today, 184 Jews were awarded Nobel Peace prizes in various fields.

How many Nobel prizes were awarded to Muslims? – Only 9. 12 million Jews won 184 Nobel prizes and by comparison 1.4 billion Muslims won 9. And out of those 9, two of them were not considered Muslims by the mainstream of Islam ( Najib Mahput and Abed A-salam). So 9 less 2 leaves 7.

The Jews who are called the "offspring of monkeys and pigs" according to the Koran (5:60) hold 184 Nobel prizes, while the "greatest nation sent to mankind" (according to the Koran) has won 7.

Jewish Products

You want to have a boycott?  Write down the names of the following products.

A Jew by the name of Levi Strauss invented "jeans" in 1873. 

Lipstick was invented by a Jew, Maurice Levy, in 1915.

The ball point pen was invented by a Jew by the name of Laslo Biro in 1938. Will you boycott all ink pens because they were invented by a Jew?

Instant photography (Polaroid camera) was also an invention of a Jew, Edwin Herbert in 1947.

The remote control was invented in 1950 by a Jew, Robert Adler.   

The cardiac pacemaker is a Jewish invention from the year 1952.  Every Sheikh and Muslim who has heart disease must refuse a pacemaker implant.

The video cassette is a Jewish invention by Charles Ginsburg in 1950. Why then do you record the Koran on a video cassette? 

The laser beam is a Jewish invention by Gordon Gould in 1958. Imagine all the uses of the laser today, including in hospital surgery rooms. 

Empty Slogans

I have not come to advocate for the Jews. However, the Sheikhs are selling lies and empty slogans to the Muslims and inciting them to boycotts, and not telling the bitter truth, that the Muslim world in our day is totally dependent on Western products; and among them those that were invented by Jews.

Watch this amazing 9 minute video in Arabic with Hebrew subtitles. Click HERE!

Pray for this video to "go viral" among both Jewish and Arab audiences, and for divine protection for the producers.

Fighting Anti- Israel Sentiment in American Universities

By Mati Shoshani – COO of JIJ

We (Jerusalem Institute of Justice) recently completed a series of events on San Francisco Bay campuses titled "The Palestinian Human Rights Week." The events, held at Berkeley, Davis, and San Jose Universities were aimed at broadening the academic discourse in campuses known to harbor anti-Israeli sentiment.

Over the past two years JIJ has published three reports on human rights issues in the region, which are the result of thousands of hours of research and countless interviews. Having done our 'homework' on the topic, allows us to speak with authority, and chip away at the skewed narrative prevalent on these campuses. We've found that much of the discussion related to events in the Israeli-Palestinian relationship are superficial and one sided, even in academic settings. This has resulted in a growing animosity towards Israel, which is clearly seen in the substantial following the BDS (the anti-Israeli Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions) campaign receives.

You can watch our founder, Calev Myers' presentation at this link 

Unlikely Alliance

Our main partner in this year's events was Dumisani Washington, the founder of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel, who's working to change the tide in the black Christian community in the US. Dumisanis' ability to link the Black civil rights movement with our call for a factual discussion of human rights in the region delivered a unique message we believe impacted those who attended the events.

Our unique approach to the topic wasn't missed by Israeli media sources. In the last week we've been featured in the leading newspaper in the country, several television channels, radio channels, and websites. It would be fair to say this has been the most media coverage we've ever received at once.  

We'd like to ask you to stand with us in prayer for an advancement of human rights in our region, especially for the Palestinian people; and for US campuses to pursue a balanced approach, one based on facts.

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