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Little Hearts Preschool

Here at Revive Israel we value and actively pursue ways to strengthen local families. One of the projects we have been sowing into is a Messianic Preschool in Jerusalem. To see a short video report of this important project which is overseen by Seeds of Hope, click HERE.

Antichrist (Part Two)

By Dan Juster

The first major figure to foreshadow the anti-messiah is the Pharaoh during the time of the Exodus.  The book of Revelation provides us with many profound parallels to the book of Exodus, as well as a context for end times interpretation.  The plagues, the persecution, the opposition to the Word of God, and the prophetic ministry are all parallel between the two books; the two prophets of Revelation 11 are similar to Moses and Aaron, both calling down plagues upon the world and on Egypt.  In both books there is a great escape at the end, the passing through the sea in Exodus and the harvest “exodus” in Rev. 14.  

This backdrop provides and anticipates the clear parallels to the antichrist figure.  Revelation 13 is especially important.  Like Pharaoh, he claims worship and god-like status.  Like Pharaoh he persecutes the people of God and seems to be overcoming them.  Like Pharaoh he has his false prophets, who are especially represented in Rev. 13 by the main false prophet figure, who also does signs and wonders like Pharaoh's magicians.  In both cases, the victory belongs to God: the troops of the Pharaoh drown in the sea and Israel is delivered, and in Revelation 19 the anti-messiah (the “beast”, along with his false prophet) is defeated in the last battle and then the devil is thrown into the lake of fire.   

To Order Dan's book: "Passover: The Key that Unlocks the Book of Revelation", click HERE.

Remember Job

By Francis Frangipane, excerpt

The story of Job is not only about an innocent man suffering unjustly from a satanic attack; the bulk of the story concerns the suffering Job endured from his three friends. These men, probably religious scholars of their day, were friends of Job. Yet during his distress they falsely judged him; they became his accusers.

Generally speaking, Job's friends had right doctrines. Their error was not so much in their theology as much as their assigning the role of sinner to Job. They did not have enough humility to see that they could be wrong.  According to the Lord, Job was the most righteous man in the world. He was not just a relatively good man among other good men, but among all men there was "no one like him on the earth" (Job 1:8). In God's eyes Job was in a class by himself: three times he was called a "blameless and upright man" by God (Job 1:1, 8; 2:3).
The instinct to judge and criticize without having all the information is not only rampant in the world, it is also in us. God placed the life story of Job in the most sacred Book in the world for a reason: that we would not be so confident that our judgments are always right. Job's friends had right doctrines that were wrongly applied.  Therefore, I make my appeal to you: before you judge, remember Job and why his story is in the Bible.

For more information on Francis Frangipane's teachings, click HERE.

Return of the King Conference

By Ariel Blumenthal

Last week our team co-hosted a conference together with Pastor Hung Soo Park. There were 35 dear Korean brothers and sisters from 7 different churches, and several nations.  It was an awesome time of worship, prayer, teaching, and fellowship.  Asher and I both taught two sessions which were sovereignly led by the Holy Spirit.

We are blessed to receive guests every week from around the world.  Some come as individuals, some as a church, and some as part of their tour of Israel.  We encourage groups to make visiting and fellowshipping with the “living stones” a part of their visit to Israel.  This is not because we are without enough work in the local ministry!  Rather, we believe that the twin “mysteries” of the One New Man (Eph. 2 & 3) and the Olive Tree (Rom. 11) compel us to build real, relational unity with the Body of Christ from the nations. 

Also, we encourage you to patronize the hotel facilities here at Yad HaShmona, where our ministry center is located.  It is a great location for travel to most places in the country, and you are supporting the Body in the Land just by staying here. To visit the Yad HaShmona web site, click HERE.

 Canadian Prime Minister Visits Israel

By Cody Archer

Stephen Harper

This week, Steven Harper, prime minister of Canada visited Israel for four days.  Harper, accompanied by his wife and 200+ delegates, including ministers and parliament members, were welcomed like kings. In his address to the Israeli Knesset (Parliament), which makes him the first Canadian prime minister to do so, he boldly reiterated Canada's close and special friendship with Israel and clearly took a stand for moral truths which are evaporating from our world today. His speech was met with many standing ovations, and at one point two Arab Knesset members heckled him and left the room.

As a Canadian, married to an Israeli and now living in Israel, I was very encouraged and proud this week of Mr. Harper and how my home country is setting an unprecedented example for other nations. Harper is an Evangelical Christian and has chosen a narrow and lonely road in his choice to confront the world's double standards concerning Israel. Pray with us for Mr. Harper to continue in this stand and for much fruit to be borne from his visit.

Picture of Steven Harper: (Picture credit: World Economic Forum - Remy Steinegger)