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When God Comes Down


Click HERE to watch Part One  from a recent teaching from Asher where he talks about the unique realities of the New Jerusalem, the time when it will descend from heaven to the earth and how God will dwell with man forever...Don't miss Part Two next week!

What is Love?

By Asher Intrater

The greatest commandment of scriptures is to love.  If God commands us to love, it must be something that we have the ability to do, or not to do.  It must be connected with our will. On the simplest level it could be called "good will" toward someone.

Luke 2:14 – "Good will toward men…"

To love someone is to want the best for them, to fulfill God's destiny for their lives, and to receive eternal reward and blessing. God's "good will" toward men is similar to "God so loved the world…"  This of course is our motivation to share the gospel with others so they will saved and not punished (John 3:16).

On another level, love is a desire of a person's soul to connect with someone else's soul.  The Hebrew word for fellowship and for friend means to be joined together.
I Samuel 18:1 – Jonathan's soul was bound together with David's soul, for Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

Notice the word "soul".  To have good will toward others is a spiritual love, and to desire to connect with someone is the love of the soul.  We are called to love in both spirit and soul (Deuteronomy 6:5).

The early disciples were in one heart (spirit) when they prayed together (Acts 1:14).  When they spent time together in food, fellowship, persecution and sharing, they became one soul as well (Acts 4:32). We can have good will toward all men in spirit, but we can only connect in soul with a smaller number. 

Life is Hard

By Ariel Blumenthal

Toward the end of his life the apostle Paul warned that "in the last days there will be difficult times, for men will be lovers of themselves…" – II Timothy 3:1-2. Life is hard, and will continue to be hard. One thing we need to learn is that we need one another. Life is too difficult to make it alone. We need to stick together as friends, as families as congregations of faith.

snowWe saw this just a bit during the snow storm in Jerusalem this week as the electricity went out and the roads were blocked. We need to be ready to help one another in love and in practical ways of service. Who will be there when you need help? Community is built through practical service.

“But pray that your flight may not be in the winter, or on a Sabbath” (Mt 24:20)

While some of you may be “dreaming of a white Christmas,” we here in Jerusalem received a very down to earth lesson on Yeshua’s teachings concerning End Times’ events in Jerusalem!  The biggest snowstorm in decades totally paralyzed our city: 5 days later, many are still digging out from the snow, broken tree branches, and lack of electricity.  Think about it: Yeshua actually instructs us to pray that certain Tribulation events would not happen: a) during the winter—when cold and snow can make life miserable;  or b) on the Sabbath—when, both in His day and in ours, “public” transportation is forbidden in Jerusalem.  This means that our prayers (and prayerful actions) can influence the timing, intensity, and duration of End Times events (see verse 22 as well).  Many of us had the opportunity to take in strangers, serve the poor and elderly, and shine the light of Yeshua to our neighbors, in very tangible ways.  Please pray for Kingdom fruit to be borne of all this; and for the many still injured, cold and lonely. 

Posters warn against Messianic Jews

By Cody Archer

posterRecently, posters were plastered in many locations in a number of neighborhoods in the city center of Jerusalem. These posters openly attack Messianic believers and the advancement of the gospel. Here is the message of the posters translated from Hebrew:

"Careful! Danger! Missionary Center. (Then it states the street and location of the building). Despite the resistance from these: (lists five Ultra-Orthodox communities in Jerusalem), missionaries are planning to build a huge complex for their missionary activities. Their goal is clear – to catch in their nets, young people and children who are weak minded and poor. This is a danger for the future character of our neighborhoods. We will not let our children and young people be caught in the nets of the missionaries. We will not hold our peace nor be silent until their activities cease in our neighborhoods. Be prepared for the battle of the residents. Danger! Jews for Jesus".

Some of our congregational and team members live in these neighborhoods.  Please pray for all the believers in Jerusalem to be filled with love and sensitivity to Holy Spirit as they build relationships with their neighbors.

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