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Sun, Moon, and Shekel

By Asher Intrater

During a solar eclipse, it seems to the human eye that the moon hides the full size of the sun –even though the moon is many times smaller than the sun. If one holds a half shekel coin at arm's length, it can also seem to be the same size as the sun or the moon, even though it is billions of times smaller. 

How can the sun, moon and a shekel coin all seem exactly the same size? What is closer obviously seems larger than what is far away.  This is true of sight, sound, and all forms of radiation. Yeshua spoke of the spiritual aspects of this law of perspective.

Matthew 7:3
Why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye.

Anything that I do right will seem to me to be gigantic in importance, but anything anyone else does right will seem to me to be tiny and insignificant. Anything that I do wrong will seem to me to be miniscule—but anything someone else does wrong will seem to me to be enormous in proportion.

Therefore when someone else speaks of what is happening in his life, I must make a special effort to concentrate and listen. I have to force my thoughts and feelings at the moment to be smaller, and force my imagination to enlarge what he is saying in order to understand how it seems from his perspective.

Who Mourns?

By Roni Rejuwan, Tal Robin

Prophecies about the Second Coming of Messiah state that the inhabitants of Jerusalem will "look upon Me whom they have pierced" – Zechariah 12:10. The prophecy goes on to say that the people will mourn Him as "one mourns for his firstborn son."  Who are these people who will mourn?

Their mourning seems to be a sign of repentance for having rejected and opposed Him for so long, only turning to Him at the very last moment. There is also an added detail: the people will mourn in groups in which the men and women are separated.

Zechariah 12:12, 14
The family of the house of David by itself, and their wives by themselves; the family of Nathan by itself and their wives by themselves… all the families that remain, every family by itself, and their wives by themselves.

It is interesting that the ultra-Orthodox religious sects in the greater Jerusalem area are divided into separate "courts" or sub-communities; and that these sects are requiring ever more extreme measures concerning separation between men and women from an early age - in schools, synagogues and the marketplace.

Is it possible that the separation of men and women, the mourning, and the last minute repentance could be applicable to the different sects of ultra-Orthodox Judaism, living around Jerusalem today?

Philippine Disaster

By Cody Archer

According to the UN, the super-typhoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines this last weekend has personally affected 4.3 million people and displaced 650,000. The international community has been rallying to help provide aid. Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor said Israel was supporting the Philippines “not only in words but also in actions.”  The Israel Defense Force (IDF) has sent two Boeing 747’s with 147 soldiers, 234 Israeli doctors, nurses and paramedics, as well as equipment to set up a state-of-the-art mobile hospital. Sadly, of the oil rich Muslim nations in the Middle East, very little is being offered to aid in this crisis. Let's pray for comfort and revival among the Filipino people, as well as positive relations with the Israeli teams arriving.

Bible Exhibition

This week in Israel there are promotions across the Hebrew media about the new exhibition at the Bible Lands Museum. The advertisements say: "The Book of Books – the Tanakh and New Covenant." The Jerusalem Post reports that the exhibition contains more than 200 of the rarest biblical manuscripts, including original fragments from the Septuagint and the earliest New Testament Scriptures.

Filip Vukosovavic, the museum’s curator, emphasizes that Christianity and Judaism are “so interconnected, they cannot be separated.” They share a theological source and “come from the same geographical point, which is the land of Israel.”

“We’ve never had an exhibition that shows the powerful link between Judaism and Christianity,” said director of the Bible Lands Museum Amanda Weiss. Pray for success and widespread exposure for the Bible Lands exhibition.

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