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©June 28, 2013 Revive Israel Ministries

Out of the East

By Asher Intrater

Ariel Blumenthal, Ari Sorkoram and I just finished a 4-day conference in Hong Kong with 500 attendees, representing some 100 congregations and prayer houses, primarily from the "family" of house churches in China. This is a time of prophetic breakthrough for China and East Asia – spiritually, politically and economically. 

Twice the book of Revelation speaks of powerful forces "rising out of the East" – the first at the 6th seal, the second at the 6th bowl.

Revelation 7:2
I saw another angel arise from the east, the rising of the sun, and in his authority was the seal of the living God.

This verse represents the transition into the end times "trumpet" tribulations, and is beginning to take place in our time. For an angel to arise with great authority, it must be backed by a body of saints in that nation who are praying powerfully. The largest national church in the world today is mainland China, and perhaps the most active is South Korea.

A spirit of revival and revelation is rising today out of East Asia. The economic and political power of East Asia is arising as well. China may be on its way to passing the United States in the near future as the most influential nation on earth. This will have both positive and negative elements.

Revelation 16:12
The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its waters were dried up in order to prepare the way for the kings of the east, from the rising of the sun.

Along with these "kings" (political leaders) from the East will come demonic spirits from the beast and the dragon. They will do miraculous signs and gather the nations together to attack Israel at the battle of Armageddon, shortly before the Second Coming of Yeshua (Jesus). Let us be aware of the signs of the times, and pray for the church of China and East Asia.

The Local Congregation

by Eddie Santoro

The establishment and strengthening of the local congregation was the primary goal of Paul's apostolic journeys, and most of the Epistles are written to local New Testament expressions. The local congregation is God's vessel to express his life on the earth, and it is the “school” where new believers are discipled and older ones can grow and mature.  It is the furnace where we are tested and the fountainhead of any national revival.

God saves people but he does not stop there. Each of us are then called to take our place in this wonderful Body and it is this commitment of love and sacrifice that binds the “living stones” into a dwelling place for God's spirit.

Since the local congregation is so central to God's purposes, it is not surprising that the enemy attacks it. He strikes the shepherds so that the sheep would be scattered. He sows deception and strife into this house which is meant to be filled with love and peace, so that its unity would be destroyed. Since we moved to Jerusalem, we have seen at least three thriving congregations cease to exist.

A healthy Body is not just a good meeting but also the expression of lives joined together in loving relationship throughout the week. The deepening of the bonds of relationship between members of our congregation is a vital step in advancing God's purposes and a deterrent against the strategy of the enemy to divide.

The very nature of Israeli society in which people work long hours and children attend school six days a week contends against achieving this goal. Many people do not have cars and are dependent on public transportation to get places. All of this leaves very little free time.  Organizing events for the local believers in this nation presents a significant challenge. Please pray for the establishment of God's Body in its fullness here in Jerusalem and throughout Israel.

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