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©April 19, 2013 Revive Israel Ministries

Independence Day

By Simcha Davidov

This week we observed Memorial Day for the 23,085 soldiers who died protecting the nation of Israel over the last 65 years.  It was a sad day since many families have lost dear ones in the wars and terrorist attacks.

I served in an Israeli Tank division from 1968-71 and fought in the Yom Kippur War of October 1973. It was a terrible war. Three young men from my kibbutz died, and some of the men in our battalion lost their lives.  Because of their sacrifice we can live today as a free people in our Land.

At the end of Memorial Day we immediately shift into celebrating Israel's Independence Day. Israel is 65 years old; it is amazing what has been accomplished during these years. In 1947 there were 600,000 Jewish people living here, and today more than 6,000,000.

The reestablishment of the nation of Israel in the "Land-of-our-Fathers" is a significant fulfillment of biblical prophecy, which occurs before the spiritual salvation of our people (Psalm 102, Ezekiel 36).

Pain and Love

by Liat Archer and Asher Intrater

In giving birth a woman often experiences great pain.  Normally pain indicates to the body that something is out of order.  However, in birth there is a unique kind of pain that causes the body to release an endorphin, called the "love hormone," which allows the woman to overcome the pain and creates a bonding experience with the new born child.

Many women take pain-relief drugs which decrease the natural release of endorphins – but a chemical imitation cannot compare to the real thing.  It is not only that the pain is worth the love that will come with the child: the pain is part of the bonding experience.

In Israel we remember each year the soldiers who fell in the wars and terrorist attacks against us. We experience the pain and the suffering of our loved ones who poured out their blood and sacrificed their lives.  Immediately afterwards we start the celebration of Independence Day, the birthday of the State of Israel.  

Unfortunately many Israelis take "pain relievers" in the form of getting drunk and partying, but do not experience the love of God. To stand with Israel in the End Times will not be easy. Many people will suffer because of it. However, this suffering will lead to joy (John 16:21, Psalm 126:5).

When Yeshua was on the cross, He experienced both suffering and love for us. By His suffering we are able to be "born" into the world of the kingdom of God. His love and His suffering for us were merged together on the cross. "He suffered our pains" – Isaiah 53:4.  His love involved suffering - and the two cannot be separated.

This connection between love and pain can be seen in childbirth, in Israel's rebirth and on the cross; but it is also part of our daily walk of faith.  We are to "take up our cross daily" – (Luke 9:23).  Taking up our cross means suffering on behalf of others because of our love for them.

My friend Ari Sorkoram (director of Maoz-Israel) used to play professional football. He said that being hit by an opponent was like being run over by a locomotive. In the NFL there is no one who is not hurt in some way.  "Playing with pain" is simply part of the price to play in the professional league.  How much more so is it an integral part of walking in divine love in the image of Yeshua!

Compassion is to feel what someone else feels.  We identify ourselves totally with what another person is going through. "Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep" - Romans 12:15. Love experiences what the other feels: both the joys and the pains. Therefore experiencing pain with others is a necessary part of love, just as much as experiencing their joy.

We are to so identify with others that if a friend were in jail, we would feel imprisoned with him (Hebrews 13:3). If someone is honored, we are honored with him; if they suffer, we suffer; if they rejoice, we rejoice (I Corinthians 12:26).  We have the ability to experience the emotions of others. That is the bond of love.

Be Fruitful

By Pastor Eddie Santoro, Ahavat Yeshua

We are in a time of great fruitfulness in the natural in our congregation. In just one month last October, 5 babies were born. In the next six months, we are expecting another 5 births.  On Independence Day, a beautiful baby daughter was born to Andrew and Shani. Last week Shilo and Sarah were wed in a lovely outdoor ceremony. We were honored to do their pre-marital counseling and are thrilled to see them set out on their new life together. There are several more marriages occurring in the coming months. Please pray for all these young families.

International Board

Please pray for our combined international board meetings this week with Dan Juster (Tikkun Ministries), Eitan Shishkoff (Ohalei Rachamim), David Rudolph (Gateways Beyond), Tod McDowell (Caleb Company), Paul Wilbur (Worship Ministries), David McQueen (Beltway Church) and Todd Westphal (El Shaddai).  We meet once a year, along with our younger leadership teams, for relationship building, mutual accountability, and strategy discussions.    

Please set your calendars for the all-night prayer and fasting on the eve of Pentecost (Shavuot). Congregations and prayer houses within Israel will be joining with us with one heart in one accord (Acts 1:14) for 12 hours from 10:00 PM to 10:00 AM (Israeli time), May 14-15. We will be interceding for the fulfillment of the promise for a worldwide revival in the end times (Acts 2:17). Prayer groups from around the world will be joining us on internet and live stream. Praise sets and prayer topics, as well as internet connections, will be sent in the coming weeks. Please join us for this "future-history making" event.

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