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Lamb and Dove

By Asher Intrater

When Yeshua appeared at the Jordan to start his ministry, John identified him by two descriptions:

John 1:29, 36
Behold the Lamb of God

How did he know Yeshua was the Lamb? – Because of the Dove.

John 1:32
I saw the Holy Spirit descending from heaven like a Dove and remaining on him.

There is something about Yeshua that is like a lamb, and something about the Holy Spirit that is like a dove. There is a common characteristic to the two--in a word, gentleness. Yeshua and the Holy Spirit are gentle as a dove and a lamb.

Someone who is strong and healthy does not need gentleness. However, to someone who is weak and hurting, the quality of gentleness is needed to touch and heal.

I shared this last week at a small church in Rome. We sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit to heal. A woman who was not a believer and had come to the church for the first time, asked for healing from neck pains. Betty laid hands upon her. She was healed instantly. The pastor then led her in a prayer for salvation and repentance. She and her boyfriend then made a commitment to marriage. The sensitivity of the Lamb brought healing, salvation and holiness.

[Note: Both the "Lamb" and the "Dove" will be involved in the fierce judgment of God: the "wrath" of the Lamb (Revelation 6:16) and the "sword" of the Dove (Jeremiah 46:16; 50:16). This is proof that the judgment of God is righteous and long-suffering. The sin is so evil that even the gentleness of the Lamb and the Dove are moved to punish the wicked.]

Riots Against Israeli Prisons

By K. S.

March 8, 2002:  I stopped for lunch on a sunny afternoon at nearby Cafe Cafit.  A man entering the cafe caught my attention: he was dressed in a winter parka with a large backpack; his face was red and covered with sweat. 

Moments later the man was being pushed out of the cafe by the waiter and the security guard.  They subdued the man on the sidewalk, and within seconds, police and IDF border patrol cars swarmed the area. 

People were shouting and crying, and whispers of "bomb" were coming out of the cafe and on the street; and our cell phone service stopped working.  The girl standing next to me started to sob.  A soldier came up to me and told me to move to a cordoned off side street.  

The suicide-bomber had asked for a glass of water, and the waiter, noticing his bizarre appearance, asked to see his ID.   When the man reached to his pocket, the waiter saw the trip wires on his wrist going to a detonator. He then grabbed his hand and pushed him out the door.

God had spared me and prevented many others from getting hurt as well.  If the man had successfully detonated the bomb inside the cafe, dozens of people would have been killed and injured. 

For months afterward, I was afraid every time I walked into a cafe or got on a city bus. I wondered if this man, who was caught “in the act" would be released in a prisoner swap deal and be back on the streets again.

The suicide-bomber's recruiter and dispatcher, Abu Hamdiyeh (64), serving a life prison sentence, died this week, two months after being diagnosed with cancer.  Riots erupted because he had not been released on humanitarian grounds, although he had been treated and diagnosed at an Israeli hospital nearby in the Negev.

I cannot forget the day that this man’s “disciple” would have murdered and maimed dozens. Most of the world’s media only report that a Palestinian prisoner died at the hands of Israeli authorities, resulting in Palestinian riots against a supposed injustice.  How quickly the world forgets why this man was in prison in the first place!  Where is the real crime and injustice here?

Makor Hatikvah, Messianic Day School, Jerusalem

Cookie Shwaeber Issan, Principal

Three years ago, we began a process of seeking official state recognition for our 20 year old school, and were encouraged by the Ministry of Education to come under their supervision.  We carefully followed the procedures which were required of us, including making certain structural changes to our building, for which we received from the Board of Health.

We met with regional officials who interviewed us, filled out voluminous paperwork concerning our course of studies and teacher qualifications.  Students were interviewed and classes observed.  The officials were impressed with our school, our resources and our standards.

The answer came to us a few weeks ago: no recognition, and an order to close the school within 30 days!  The reasons given were either totally false or minor technicalities.  Our identity presents a challenge to the Ministry of Education, who only has two relevant categories for religious schools: Christian (meaning Arab Christian—that’s not us); or Orthodox Jewish (not exactly us either). 

We are entering what will likely be a drawn out legal struggle—one which is not just about our school, but about the fight to legitimize Messianic Jewish identity in modern Israeli society.  The first battle is this coming Sunday, April 7, when a judge will decide whether or not to “freeze” the closure order.  We need your prayers! Financial support (designated to "Makor Hatikvah") may be donated through

Watchman Video

By Jermiah Kaufman

Here's our new music video, filmed on location in the Old City Jerusalem with an opener in Warsaw, Poland.  The Israeli cast and crew features a Holocaust survivor, an IDF soldier and musicians from across the Land. Watch it here.

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