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©March 1, 2013 Revive Israel Ministries

All Tel Aviv Saved

By Asher Intrater

We are heading into a special period of growth and multiplication. In Israel the rains have been abundant (Hosea 6:3); the almond flowers have blossomed (Jeremiah 1:11); this is an "acceptable year of favor" (Isaiah 61:2).

The book of Acts documents the growth in numbers of the early disciples. It started at the Holy Spirit outpouring in Jerusalem.
Acts 2:41 – About 3,000 souls were added.

It continued in the first community of faith there.
Acts 2:47 - The Lord added daily those who were being saved.

In the wake of healing miracles and religious persecution, more were added.
Acts 4:4 – Many of those who heard the word believed, and the number of men came to about 5,000.

After the judgment of Ananias and Sapphira, the numbers increased even more.
Acts 5:14 – Believers were increasingly added to the Lord, multitudes of both men and women.

The number increased among Greek-speaking Jews as well.
Acts 6:1 - In those days the number of the disciples was multiplying.

With new administrative and financial order, the numbers grew even more, including ultra-Orthodox religious Jews in the Temple.
Acts 6:7 – The number of disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem, and a great many of the priests were obedient to the faith.

The revival spread northward to Samaria.
Acts 8:14 – Samaria received the word of God.

It reached national proportions after Saul (Paul) came to faith. (Notice the word "all.")
Acts 9:31 – The church in all Judea, Galilee and Samaria… grew in number.

Greater Tel Aviv today includes Jaffa, Lod and Sharon. It contains the largest number of Jewish people living in one place at any time in history. This entire area turned to the Lord 2,000 years ago.  (Again notice the word "all.")
Acts 9:35 – All the inhabitants of Lod and Sharon turned to the Lord.
Acts 9:42 – This was made known in all Jaffa and many believed.

Halleluyah! All Tel Aviv (Jaffa, Lod and Sharon) had a revival. From there it spread into Europe, Asia and Africa. The growth continued in Antioch (Acts 13:44), Iconium (14:1), Lystra (16:5), Thessalonica (17:4), Berea (17:12), Athens (17:34), all of Asia Minor (19:10), Ephesus (19:18), myriads in Jerusalem (21:20), Malta (28:9), and Rome (28:30).

May these verses from Acts about growth in numbers encourage you! All Israel will be saved (Romans 11:26); all Tel Aviv will be saved (Acts 9:35). If it happened then, it can happen now. If it happened in Israel, it can happen in your nation.

Tiferet Yeshua Transitions

By Ari and Shira Sorkoram

Asher is a dear friend and a partner in ministry. He was a member of our leadership team at Tiferet Yeshua years ago, until he was sent out to start a sister-congregation, Ahavat Yeshua, in Jerusalem.
We are thrilled that he has now agreed to come back to lead Congregation Tiferet Yeshua and to mentor the young sabra leadership team and equip them to take full leadership of the congregation.  Ron Cantor will also be working under his guidance to help mentor these young leaders.

This is very exciting.  We thank God for Asher and Betty, Ron and Elana, asking Him to bless their families and bless Tiferet Yeshua through them. [Note: Please pray for special grace for Asher during this time of transition, in serving and overseeing the teams at Ahavat Yeshua, Tiferet Yeshua, and Revive Israel.]

Israel Government

Urgent prayer is still needed for the forming of the new Israeli government. So far coalition attempts have faltered. Netanyahu has expressed his desire to have as wide a range of members in the coalition, even Labor, and the ultra-Orthodox. Messianic believers in the country seem to be in favor of his joining forces with Lapid's party and Bennet's party, which would push for social justice, equality of military service, and religious pluralism. 

Much of the current crisis concerns ego ambitions and political one-ups-man-ship. There is an opportunity for a breakthrough in the Israel political scene, but time is running short: Netanyahu can ask for a one-time two-week extension to March 16; which is only a few days before Obama's scheduled visit to Israel on March 20.

Esther Fast

By Avichai O and Oriel M

The Fast of Esther this year was blessed beyond words! We gathered together for 12 hours of intense-undistracted worship, intercession, and fasting to stand in the gap on behalf of Israel, the Church, the nations, and our Arab neighbors.

We received prophetic insight about the book of Esther and how God rewards the humble and resists the prideful. Our time ended with worship, focusing on unity in the body of Messiah and with a sweet anointing sharing the Lords supper together as one. About 130 local believers participated in our prayer room from 9 congregations.

There were 1048 connections from 8 different nations who joined us on live stream, some as individuals and some as prayer groups and congregations. The responses were exuberant. Despite the fact that most did not understand the Hebrew flow of prayer, praise, and prophecy, many expressed how meaningful it was for them to be part of something authentic with local Israeli believers.

New Messianic Music

Judah and Jennifer Morrison are from the next generation of Messianic worship leaders in Israel.  Their new album, Let Us Return, was recently released featuring original worship songs written and performed by the young couple in the Hebrew language.  Their worship songs have been played in congregations throughout Israel for the last decade and now you too can join in with what the Spirit is doing through worship in the Holy Land.

You can purchase and download Let Us Return on: iTunes OR CD Baby