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Spirit of Hate

By Simcha and Bella Davidov

There has been chaos and anger across the globe at an American-made anti-Islam film, “The Innocence of Muslims.” (not made by the US or Israeli government, but by an American of Egyptian background).

In Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, 10,000 Muslims staged a protest, burning and stamping American flags. There was an attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, killing the ambassador and three other Americans. The KFC restaurant in Tripoli was set on fire and ransacked. Thousands protested outside the US embassy in Cairo chanting, "Obama, Obama, we're all Osamas." In Tehran, after Friday prayers, thousands shouted, "Death to America, Death to Israel."

In Afghanistan, protestors in the eastern city of Jalalabad, shouted 'Death to America' and urged President Hamid Karzai to cut relations with the U.S.  In Pakistan, hard-line Muslims shouted slogans and carried banners criticizing the U.S.  In Turkey hundreds of people gathered in Istanbul's Beyazit Square in a protest organized by Turkey's main Islamist political party, Saadet.   

What did Israel ever do to Iran to cause this hatred?  What did America ever do to those thousands of Muslims in these Middle East nations? Is this rational? Is this justified?  This hate didn't start with a low-budget YouTube movie. There are spiritual reasons behind it.

There have been no riots by Jews against anti-Semitic lies on YouTube produced by Muslims. Recently, Iranian TV Channel 1 broadcast the anti-Jewish film "Saturday Hunter" in which a wild-eyed rabbi teaches his young grandson to become a mass-murderer.  Jews are depicted as falsifying scriptures and corrupting Christians and Muslims so that men will turn female, women will turn male.

This film, directed by Mohammed Qahremani, was produced last year and has been screened at a film festival in Tehran and in cinemas around Iran.  In the Muslim world, these kinds of anti-Semitic, anti-Israel films are often produced by government sponsored media sources.  Yet, because of the “Islamically correct” double standard, even mild criticism of anything Islamic can be met with violence, with not even a word from the rest of the world about the far more slanderous and wicked depictions of Jews (especially!) and Christians in the Muslim world.  Let us pray for more and more people to wake up and discern these deceptions.

Outreach in Poland

by SI

In recent years, our young adults group has been led by God to broaden our hearts for the Nations, and have formed an efficient method of short-term trips to Europe. Six of us are traveling during the Jewish holidays for one week to southern Poland, where we will minister and participate in a nation-wide young-adults conference, evangelistic expeditions and intense personal prayer. Something is changing at this time inside Poland, including its relation to the Jews and Israel. Stand with us in prayer for the Polish nation to experience the love of God and freedom in Messiah!

Day of Atonement

Ahavat Yeshua and members from several Jerusalem congregations will be gathering this Tuesday-Wednesday, September 25-26, at Yad Hashmona for Yom Kippur, the biblical Day of Atonement. We are urging all Christians and Messianic Jews around the world to join us for this day of fasting, repentance and intercessory prayer.

Yom Kippur is the most holy day of the priestly calendar of the Torah. It is a type, or parallel, to the "great and terrible day of YHVH" in the books of Hebrew prophets. Those two days are parallel to "that day" of the Second Coming of Yeshua in the New Covenant. They are all pointing to the same end-times event.

In modern Israel, the Day of Atonement has taken on an additional meaning as the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War in 1973. This also is a prophetic image of "that day" when all the nations will gather to attack Jerusalem.

Blood of Atonement

By Asher Intrater

When Yeshua died on the cross, His side was pierced and blood came out (John 19:34). His blood is the fulfillment of all the blood sacrifices of ancient Israel, including the Day of Atonement. The Bible does not emphasize the physical aspects of this blood, but rather the spiritual meaning.

Hebrews 9:14
The blood of Messiah, who offered Himself to God through the eternal Spirit without blemish, will cleanse your conscience from dead works…

All of us have sinned. All sin causes damage. Therefore we are all damaged. The ultimate damage is death and damnation.  However there is also internal spiritual and psychological damage. The blood of Yeshua provides atonement - it pays the price for death and damnation. Yet it also heals the internal psychological damage.

In the spirit, the blood of Yeshua is eternal – it has powerful spiritual effectiveness at all times, even right now.  An essential part of the human spirit (Greek: pneuma) and soul (psyche) is the conscience. The conscience was created by God to show us the difference between right and wrong (Romans 2:15). The conscience (suneidesis) was designed to give us "moral consciousness together" with God.

The conscience of men was distorted and made dirty by sin. It is like a compass with a twisted pointer. This is dangerous because the conscience is the primary vehicle through which we perceive the influence of the Holy Spirit (Romans 9:1).

Without the blood of Yeshua a human conscience will seek desperately to drive out the guilt that entered because of sin. Those misguided efforts will lead to religious ritual, moral relativism, self-indulgence, self-righteousness, self-condemnation or endless psychological counseling.

However the blood of Yeshua can cleanse our consciences of all those "dead works" and set us free to a healthy and holy life. A clean conscience makes for a happy (Romans 14:22) and confident (I John 3:21) lifestyle. On this Yom Kippur let the spiritual power of Yeshua's blood touch and heal your heart and soul.

YouTube Teaching for September

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