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©June 2, 2012 Revive Israel Ministries

Pentecost Prayer

By Ariel Blumenthal, Michael Enos, Asher Intrater

Two thousand years ago, a bunch of Jewish disciples in Jerusalem decided to take Yeshua at His word, by waiting together for the promised baptism in the Holy Spirit.  Could they have known what would happen? – That they would miraculously speak in other tongues?  - That 3000 people would be saved that same day? - Probably not.

Peter quoted from the book of Joel right after the fire of the Spirit fell. Apparently the prophecies of Joel were a major theme of meditation and revelation during their night of prayer. Perhaps Yeshua had taught them from Joel right before His ascension.    

A week ago, we held our 2nd all night Shavuot (Pentecost) Prayer Meeting.  For 12 hours, a bunch of modern day Israeli disciples, along with prayer partners from many countries, worshiped and interceded for 12 straight hours. Like the disciples 2000 years ago, this is a special time, a special place, and a special network of believing friends, praying to release the end times revival as prophesied in the Hebrew prophets.

We believe the Lord will manifest Himself in meetings like this in an ever increasing way before the Second Coming when His feet will touch down on the Mount of Olives. Just as He appeared to different groups in different locations after the resurrection and before His ascension, He will come in reverse order, appearing to different groups before His return.


The Russian Kaperski institute exposed this week that a new virus has been attacking computer systems across the Middle East, going undiscovered for two years. The new virus is called "Flame" and contains 20 Mega-bytes (40 times larger than the famous "Stuxnet" virus). The size and sophistication of the virus precludes any private hacker, and indicates the involvement of some governmental espionage agency.

"Flame" did not destroy programs but rather extracted information from them as a parasite. The numbers of computers affected are reported to be: Iran 189, Palestinian 98, Sudan 32, Syria 30, Lebanon 18, Saudi 10, Egypt 5. While Israel's government refused to accept responsibility for the virus, Netanyahu did issue a statement that Cybernetics is an important aspect of Israel's defense against international terror [Ma'ariv, Yediot 29-5-12].

Non-orthodox Rabbis

In response to female Reform rabbi Miri Gold's petition of 2005, the Israel Attorney General's office has approved granting some salaries for Conservative and Reform rabbis. This is the first time ever that there has been a break in Orthodox monopoly on Jewish religious institutions in Israel. The decision has launched strong responses both for and against. While the Messianic Jewish community is certainly not included in this decision, we favor any step toward pluralism and freedom of Jewish religious expression in Israel.

For a fuller report, see Jerusalem Post article:

Book Week

This is "Book Week" in Israel. This tiny nation has the highest per capita book publication in the world. National Library statistics report an incomprehensible 6,302 new titles this year! In addition there were 1,359 master's degree theses and 1,074 doctoral dissertations [Ma'ariv 30-5-12].

Madonna Preaches

Pop singer Madonna started her 2012 world concert tour in Israel, on purpose. She said it is the center of energy in the world, and the place to begin world peace. Her concert contained a strange mix of sexual immorality, new age mysticism, leftist politics, Judaism, religion and blasphemy. For Jerusalem Post write up, click:

God's Image and Dominion over Creation

By Youval Yanay

Recently our team went through an extended workshop on communication skills, by working together with a Christian professional horse trainer and coach. The treatment with the horses brought us to deeper understanding of ourselves and our interactions with one another.

Genesis 1:26 - Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth…"

This verse has two parts. First, we are made in God's image. Secondly, we are to rule over the animals. The first part causes and enables the second part to take place. God is the perfect ruler over the creation. He knows His creation, upholds it, and works in harmony with it.

Taking dominion over the creation means to be over and above the creation; to understand more, to love more, and to be more confident. That is our rightful position as being made in God's image. It does not mean to abuse, curse, or harm God's creation; nor to be alienated and separated from it. In order to take dominion correctly, God gives us His own image and likeness.

God has subjected and submitted the creation to us. The welfare of the planet is dependent upon the ability to fulfill our destiny as God's children (Romans 8:19-22).  Our successfully or unsuccessfully taking dominion over the earth determines the condition of the planet.

Likewise, the condition of the creation reflects our being made in the creator's image. Our ability to take dominion correctly over the creation reflects the degree to which we are fulfilling our calling in God's image. Dealing with creation is a test of our own image and spiritual condition. How do we appear as reflected in creation's mirror?

Are we in the image and likeness of God? Are we in right relationship to God's creation? To what degree are we upholding, understanding and ruling the creation? By seeing the reaction of the creation to us, our own hearts are exposed as to whether we are fulfilling God's first commandment and mandate.

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