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©March 24, 2012 Revive Israel Ministries

Terror in Toulouse

On Thursday March 22, at 11:35 AM, terrorist Muhammad Marakh, was killed in a shootout with French police. He had murdered 4 French Jews and 3 French soldiers.

After the murders, before the identity of Marakh was discovered, European news media reported that it was likely the work of neo-Nazis. That was false. Marakh was a member of a branch organization of Al Qaida. Let's state the obvious. He murdered those Jews simply because they were Jews. He murdered them because he was indoctrinated in Islamic extremism.

European Union Foreign Minister Katherine Ashton made a comment listing the murder of the Jews in Toulouse together with the death of Palestinian children in Gaza. Certainly any death of any innocent person is tragic beyond words. However that moral equivalency is unacceptable. As Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu replied, “It is unthinkable to compare a massacre [as in Toulouse] and the Israeli army’s surgical, defensive actions against those who use children as human shields.”

Will Europe now wake up and stop trying to justify Islamic extremism? The odds seem slim. To paraphrase an Israeli saying, "He who raises snakes in his backyard will one day be bitten in his living room."

Martyrdom in Yemen

On Sunday March 18, Joel Shrum (29) was shot to death in Taiz, Yemen, by two gunmen on a motorcycle from the local Al Qaida sect. Joel, an American from Pennsylvania, taught English in the "Swedish International School."  Joel's sister Jessica replied, "Joel was a Christian and motivated by the love of God."

On Tuesday, moderate Muslims turned out by the hundreds to demonstrate against Shrum's murder. They carried signs saying, "We love you Joel" and "Stop Terrorism." Let us agree with them in prayer. More Arabs are victims of Islamic terrorism than any other people group. For a fuller report on Shrum's murder and video coverage, click

This murder is strikingly parallel to the murder of the Jews in France, only this time it was a Christian in Yemen. Let no one be deceived. Shrum was murdered for being a Christian and his murderers acted out of their indoctrination in Islamic extremism.

Unbreakable Covenant

Asher Intrater

Covenant can be defined as an agreement between God and man that cannot be broken.  Covenant is the framework for all the events in the Bible. The covenants of the Bible come in a consecutive series that logically build upon one another.

  1. Adam and Eve – God transfers authority to govern planet earth to men and women (Genesis 1:26). For this reason Yeshua (Jesus) had to be born into the earth as a human being.  This was confirmed by the promise that the "seed" of the woman would one day crush the head of the serpent (Genesis 3:15).
  2. Noah – The flood of Noah was exponentially more cataclysmic than anyone can imagine.  Noah's family was likely terrified. Perhaps the earth would disintegrate under their feet. For this reason God made the "rainbow covenant" that creation would not be destroyed (Genesis 9:11). [This is one reason that the new heavens and new earth of Revelation 21 must be a renewal of creation and not an "un-creating" of the universe.]
  3. Abraham – Abraham will be a blessing and a father to the nations through his seed, and will take possession of the land of Canaan (Genesis 12:2-3; 17:2-8). In this covenant, God renews and develops what was promised to both Adam and Noah. Abraham, like Adam and Noah, now has authority to repossess planet earth (Romans 4:13). The seed that will defeat the serpent will come through Abraham. The nations that were born from Noah will be blessed through him.
  4. Judah – The promise of the coming seed is then continued from Abraham to Judah (Genesis 49:10). This is one reason the Jewish people cannot be destroyed (Jeremiah 31:36-37) and that they must be part of inviting Yeshua back to earth to rule and reign (Matthew 23:39).
  5. Moses – The people of Israel make an unbreakable vow to keep all the perfect moral commandments of Sinai. But then they break the Law. They are doomed. This is a terrifying situation. This is the background for the need of a new covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-33). The Jewish people have broken their own covenant and need to be redeemed – which would be impossible without supernatural intervention.
  6. David – God makes an unbreakable covenant with David that his seed will reign on the earth from Jerusalem forever (Psalm 89:3-4, 28-29, 34-37). This is one reason why the 2nd Coming of Yeshua must be literal and that Yeshua will reign on the earth in the millennial kingdom from Jerusalem. It's not only a question of end times' prophecy but of God's faithfulness to His covenants.
  7. Yeshua – God is not a liar. The New Covenant takes into consideration all the previous promises of God. Through Yeshua as the Son of Adam, God's delegated authority over planet earth will be restored. Along with Yeshua's resurrection, the planet that God promised to Noah to preserve will also be restored (Romans 8:19-22; Matthew 19:28; II Peter 3:4-13). All the nations are blessed through Yeshua as Abraham's seed (Galatians 3:13). The Jewish people are preserved, the sins of breaking the Law are forgiven, and David's kingdom will be restored on the earth (Luke 1:32-33; Acts 1:6).

God's covenants are unbreakable. All God's promises will be fulfilled. We are saved, not by a philosophical agreement, but by a covenantal commitment. The covenant is offered to us by grace. Our faith is a partnership with God in a covenant agreement that cannot be broken. 

Upcoming Events

Please mark your calendars for the "Israel, the Church in the End Times" conference at IHOP in Kansas City, May 17 – 20. Asher will be teaching along with Mike Bickle, Allen Hood, and Wes Hall.

Mark your calendars as well for the all night "Second Pentecost" revival prayer and fasting vigil. The local Israeli assembly and international network prayer will take place on Shavuot eve, May 26-27.

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