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©December 3, 2011 Revive Israel Ministries

Yes and No

Nine of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20, Deuteronomy 5), are based on the word, "No."

  1. no other gods
  2. no idols
  3. no use of God's name in vain
  4. no work on seventh day
  5. no murder
  6. no adultery
  7. no stealing
  8. no lying
  9. no coveting

The only one based on a positive commandment is to honor one's parents. That commandment includes a promise of a long and blessed life. "Honor your father and your mother" is the first commandment with a blessing: "so that your days would be long and it would be well with you upon the earth" – Ephesians 6:2-3.

Commandments, which are enforced by punishment, can correct behavior but cannot change character or identity. They have a purpose, but it is a limited one, and do not reach the final goal of a total heart change. After you "don't" do what is forbidden, then what do you do?

The biblical mandate that we are made "in the image of God" (Genesis 1:26), preceded the giving of the law. The root issue is not just what you do, but who you are. The positive heart change comes from a promise. The promise must be believed. The promises of God are delivered to us in the "good news" of Messiah Yeshua.

II Corinthians 1:19-20
Messiah Yeshua, the Son of God… is not "Yes and no" but "Yes."
All the promises of God are "Yes" in Him.

The nature of law is no. The nature of promise is yes. We have to make sure our "yes" is yes, and our "no" is no (James/Jacob 5:12).The Law instructs us when to say "no." The Gospel instructs us when to say "yes." We say "no" to sin and Satan; we say "yes" to the promises of grace in Yeshua. 

Bird Holy Land

Millions of birds migrate south from Europe to Africa every winter, and then north again in the summer. A simple map observation will note that the shortest land bridge on this route is through Israel. This month an amazing five-hundred million (500,000,000) birds will stop in Israel on their migratory path.  This includes two-hundred eighty (280) different species.

They pass through the "Afro-Syrian" rift, which runs north and south through the Jordan valley. They flock into the watering holes and oases at the base of the Negev desert in the Aravah valley. This phenomenon is celebrated by Israeli wildlife lovers as the "Fall Migratory Festival."

War with Iran?

A month ago the International Atomic Energy Agency published the conclusive report that Iran is in the final stages of developing nuclear weapons. There has been debate in Israel about whether Israel needs to go to war with Iran.

Two weeks ago there was a mysterious explosion at the nuclear weapons plant outside Tehran. This week there was another reported explosion at the nuclear weapons plant near Isfahan. Were these accidents? Results of espionage from Israel? From the West? From opposition forces in Iran itself? So far there is no conclusive evidence. Israeli authorities are silent.

This week the Iranian Revolutionary Guard directed an attack on the British embassy in Tehran (somewhat reminiscent of the attack on the American embassy at the end of the Carter term, which may have tilted the election to Reagan). The crowd attacking the embassy this week set three flags on fire: Israeli, American, and British.

Israeli news analysts credit the embassy takeover as a response to Britain's sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran - particularly painful to Iran's economy. This represents an escalation of sanctions against Iran, and an escalation of Iran's responses. The "sacred cow" of sanctions would be a boycott of Iranian oil products. Such sanctions would be catastrophic to Iran's economy, but potentially destabilizing to the world economy as well. 

Modern warfare has become much more complex than conventional means. There are several dimensions:

  1. Military – armed forces on land, air, and sea, including advanced missiles and weapons.
  2. Information – diplomacy, media, education, propaganda, called in Israel "hasbara."
  3. Espionage – secret undercover operations, intelligence, collaborators.
  4. Financial – boycotts, loans, sanctions, aid.
  5. Cybernetic – the newest form: computers, technology, viruses, breakdowns.

And let's not forget another dimension: Spiritual Warfare – prayer that mobilizes angelic actions, preaching the gospel that changes lives, reconciliation among the saints, dividing the forces of Satan (Luke 11:17).

Elections in Egypt

By Eddie Santoro (excerpt)

These first results of the Egyptian elections show the Islamic Brotherhood winning 40% of the vote, with an additional 25% going to the ultra-conservative "Salafis." These numbers indicate that 65% of the newly elected legislators will be representing Islamic parties.

In just six months, Islamic governments have been established in Tunisia and Morocco, with Libya soon to follow. Syria’s government is on the verge of collapse and now Egypt with its 80 million people is in danger of falling under the cloud of radical Islam.

Islamic democracy can be defined as “one person, one vote, one time.”  Islamic law does not embrace the existence of a secular government separate from the Islamic faith. The clergy is the highest authority.  Islamic religious law (Sharia) would rule education, the courts, employment, marital relations, dress, entertainment, and every other aspect of life.

The ramifications of these events for Israel and the Western world are immense. The Christian population in Egypt and throughout the Middle East, which has already been experiencing persecution from Islamic forces, is facing even darker times.

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