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©August 21, 2011 Revive Israel Ministries

Attack on Southern Israel

By Mati Shoshani

Because of the political upheaval, Egypt is no longer able to guard the border between Gaza and the Sinai. A week ago, a group of 18 terrorists slipped out of Gaza and moved southward along the Israeli border. On Thursday, in a combined and planned ambush, the terrorists crossed the border into Israel along route 12, leading to Eilat. They first shot at a bus full of passengers, but the driver bravely kept driving, thus preventing any casualties.

Then the terrorists fired at a second bus and set off a bomb, killing the driver and burning the bus. They proceeded to attack two private cars, before being killed by security forces that arrived at the spot. Eight Israelis were murdered and dozens injured.

The last sniper shot took the life of Pasqual Avrahami, the most decorated soldier in the Israeli police SWAT team (Yamam). Pasqual, a legend in Israel Special Forces, was 49 years old, and had participated in almost every mission of the last 30 years.

Israeli soldiers managed to kill 7 of the terrorists, and retaliated by launching an aerial attack on the terrorists' headquarters in Gaza, killing most of their leaders.

This weekend over 90 (!) missile attacks have been launched from Gaza against the surrounding cities of Beer-Sheva, Ashkelon, and Ashdod. The continuous bombing of densely populated areas has left another dead and many more injured.

The already fragile Israeli-Egyptian relationship is now further jeopardized as the Egyptian lack of will or ability to stop the terrorists speaks loudly of their future intentions towards Israel. It also reveals the inherent danger and delusion of peace treaties with Muslim-controlled countries. The peace treaty on paper will not control terrorist attacks, and cannot prevent a takeover by more extremist Muslim forces in the future.

Two Kinds of Unity

By Asher Intrater

One of the most important prayers of Yeshua is for us to be one (John 17:21-23). This "oneness" involves first our spiritual union with God, and then our unity with one another. The divine union precedes the human unity. If I am spiritually one with God through Yeshua, and so are you, then we should be in unity as well.

Therefore, becoming "one" includes two levels. Saul (Paul) addressed both of these in Ephesians chapter four. First he listed the common elements we have in faith, which form the basis for our unity.

Ephesians 4:3-6

…keep the unity of the Spirit in a bond of peace: one body, and one Spirit, just as you also were called in the hope of one destiny; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one God and Father to all…

 Then Paul addressed again the issue of unity: this time in an operative way concerning the work of the ministry. This unity demands submission to authority, and training of the saints, so that we may "build" something together.

Ephesians 4:11-13

He gave those who are apostles, prophets, evangelists  …pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry for the building up of the body of Messiah, until we all come to the unity of the faith and the unity of …the Son of God.

Both of the passages above speak of unity. The first emphasizes what we have in heaven. The second speaks of human cooperation, of serving and building together. That demands teamwork, cooperation, and leadership. That demands recognizing spiritual gifts and authority.

There is a balance between the two. The first kind is more important, and it should lead to the second. If one has just the second kind without the first, the unity is forced. The unity is coercive and cultish. It is mere human organization.

However, if there is just the first without the second, then there is confusion, division and rebellion. It is a spirit without a body. It is unity with no means of cooperation. God's plan is for both. First we have heavenly union; then we have human cooperation. 

Yad Hashmonah

By Avichai Orel and Asher Intrater

For over three decades, we have been preaching and serving the vision that "all Israel will be saved (Romans 11:26)."  An essential element in divine strategy for this national revival is Yad Hashmonah: the Messianic community village located in the Judean Hills just outside of Jerusalem.

Yad Hashmonah is the world's only Messianic kibbutz. Because it is a community, it has the unique opportunity to become a witness to the entire nation of Israel. Our witness as Messianics must be not only in words, but in real life. Being the "Holy Land," Israel is flooded with all kinds of visions and visionaries. Often the practical example to go along with the vision is missing. The opportunity for Yad Hashmonah to give a living example of our kingdom message is also unique.

Our Revive Israel ministry base is located within Yad Hashmonah. We seek to support them and partner with them as the Lord leads.

One important project at Yad Hashmonah is a new housing development for young Israeli Messianic families. It is extremely difficult for young families to acquire even the most minimal housing. Having a group of families living in this kibbutz will not only provide housing, but will also bring them together for prayer watches, children's ministry, hosting international visitors, etc.

Another important project is the industrial park. Because of persecution against Messianic Jews, establishing businesses is very difficult. Supplying an infrastructure through a Messianic-owned industrial park will enable new business and professional enterprises to be launched. And succeed.

Please pray, as there is much spiritual warfare.

Activity Report

By Anja

Revive Israel is involved in many ministry activities beyond what we publish in these updates. For a report on our activities this summer, click here

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