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Revive Israel Ministries
The Egyptian Problem
©February 6, 2011 by Asher Intrater

With the fall of the Egyptian government, the most likely scenario at this point would be a take over dominated by the Islamic extremists, the Muslim Brotherhood. Should that take place there would be several serious security implications for Israel and the Middle East. Here are a few:

  1. F-16's – There are reported between 220 to 300 F-16 fighter planes in the Egyptian air force. If these fall into the hands of Islamic extremists, within just a few minutes flight-time from Israeli population centers, Israel will be faced with the necessity of destroying them. What would the world reaction be then?
  2. Sinai – Israel gave back the entire Sinai desert in the 1979 peace treaty with Egypt. What Israel got in return for this enormous territory was a piece of paper, and a promise to keep the Sinai demilitarized. The Muslim Brotherhood has already declared that they do not recognize the treaty, because it hinders the interest of the "Uma," the Islamic Nation. What will Israel's options be if Egypt cancels the treaty or if they start moving troops into the Sinai? Should they attack or not?
  3. Gaza – As part of the peace arrangements, Egypt was to guard the border with Gaza. If that border becomes totally open to armament build-up coming from Islamic extremists through Egypt, the Gaza conflict will escalate dangerously.
  4. Peace Process – An Islamic takeover in Egypt will deny the basic foundations for possible future peace negotiations with the Palestinians, or any other surrounding Arab state. It would be evident that even if a treaty is signed with a moderate Arab leader, a future takeover by Islamic extremists would simply cancel the treaty, exploit Israeli concessions, and increase arms build-up.
  5. Natural Gas – Under the current peace treaty, Egypt sells to Israel at full market value a substantial quantity of natural gas. This helps Egypt's economy and helps Israel's fuel needs. An Islamic regime would immediate cut off that supply, thus hurting both nations. Israeli leaders are already calling for an intense speed up on the natural gas drilling "Tama" site in the Mediterranean Sea off Haifa.

Let us pray for social justice and righteous government for the people of Egypt; to bind the evil forces of Islamic jihad; for a breakthrough of revival and evangelism across Egypt and the Muslim world; and for peace and security for Israel and the entire Middle East.

Law of Perspective

There is a tendency for human beings to think they are right even when they are wrong. Wise King Solomon wrote:

Proverbs 16:2– All the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart.

Proverbs 16:25 – There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death. (See also 21:2; 28:11.)

We can be convinced that we are doing right even when we are doing wrong. There are rabbis who think they are doing right by attacking Messianic Jews; homosexuals who push alternative sexual agendas in public schools; Muslims who blow themselves up as terrorists, etc. Not only with these extreme examples, but in everyday life, we tend to be sure we are right, even when we are wrong. It is possible to summarize every human argument in history by these words, "I am right and you are wrong."

Even when we are partially correct, we tend to see things out of balance. Yeshua taught us the "Law of Perspective."

Matthew 7:3 – "Why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?"

You might ask if you are the one with the speck or with the plank. However, Yeshua said this to all of us, so it is a universal principle. Try holding up a coin at arm’s length.  It appears to be the same size as the sun or the moon. The difference is how close it is to our eyes. What is close seems big; what is far seems small.

The "speck and plank" principle makes for eight categories:

  1. When you do something right, it seems enormous to you.
  2. When you do something right, it seems tiny to someone else.
  3. When you do something wrong, it seems tiny to you.
  4. When you do something wrong, it seems enormous to someone else.
  5. When someone else does something right, it seems enormous to him.
  6. When someone else does something right, it seems tiny to you.
  7. When someone else does something wrong, it seems tiny to him.
  8. When someone else does something wrong, it seems enormous to you.

One of these categories fits a situation in your life today! (Ah, perhaps mine as well.)

[Note: This principle can also work in reverse for guilt. Sometimes when we do something wrong, it blows up in our conscience in a guilt complex that paralyzes us from going forward. In either direction we need to seek the objective viewpoint of Scriptures, of the Holy Spirit, and of godly friends and counselors.]

Prayer Requests

Television program – A new opportunity has arisen for television coverage of Messianic Judaism on a major network in Israel. Some of our team was interviewed this week, and part of our congregational service was filmed. For security reasons, we will refrain from other details at this point. Pray for a breakthrough in media, for this program to be aired with grace and favor, for citizen rights for Messianic Jews to be protected, and for the gospel to spread in Israel until "All Israel will be saved."

Korea, Taiwan, and China – Our team ministered at the recent Chinese conference in Jerusalem, sponsored by "Melody of my Heart." Pray for great fruit from this conference. Asher and Amiel are currently in Korea for two significant conferences. Ariel is in Taiwan. We believe this is the time for a breakthrough in East Asian evangelism and for a connection with Israel among Asian believers.

Netanel House – Pray for increasing fruit in this outreach center and for blessings on cooperation in evangelism with Revive's team.

Harun – Pray for our friend Harun I, for healing of a broken shoulder and for continuing breakthroughs in media evangelism to the Muslim world.

Revive Staff – Pray for victory in spiritual warfare for many of our staff, partners and co-workers. Great victories are being won for the Kingdom, and the spiritual attacks have been intense. Pray for the wisdom of Solomon in all issues of administration, finances, and teamwork. May the will of the Lord be accomplished.