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Muslims Coming to Christ in Iran
©November 28, 2010 by Asher Intrater

Internet Report
"Iran today is a closed land with countless open hearts. It is the most open nation to the Gospel in the entire world. Tens of thousands of Iranians are turning to Christ.

“Betrayed by the government, disillusioned with the religion, depressed by the prospects of the future, Iranians when they come to know the Lord Jesus Christ are completely transformed. They proclaim Christ in the marketplace. Entire families, men and women, are coming to Christ.” To read article:

Israel Police Commissioner Scandal

One of the most prestigious offices in Israel is the General Commissioner of the police. Uri Bar Lev is the nominee to be the next commissioner. After his candidacy was announced, there came an accusation of sexual assault by Doctor Orly Inez, a highly placed woman advisor in the police department. Rumors of sexual immorality within the upper ranks of the police department are being smeared all over the newspapers and television.

This case is one of a series of scandals, having included in the past former Justice minister Haim Ramon, and former President Moshe Katsav. Most sexual abuse accusations involve an inherent problem in that there are usually no witnesses. Thus the case becomes the man's word against the woman's word. (The Bible deals with the question of absence of witnesses in Deuteronomy 22:24-25 and Deuteronomy 19:15).

Interestingly, this week's Torah portion describes the event in which Joseph in Egypt resists attempted seduction by Potiphar's wife, who then accuses him of having molested her (Genesis 39). In the case of Bar Lev, there seems no doubt that there was sexual misconduct, whether there was sexual abuse or not.

All of us as disciples of Yeshua (Jesus) are being trained for positions of government in His kingdom. We would do well to learn from the biblical examples as well as from the modern ones. Bar Lev is likely to lose his nomination, whatever the truth behind the story is, just as Ramon and Katsav lost their positions.  We need to avoid even the appearance of sexual misconduct, let alone actual immorality or abuse. If we walk in righteousness, we will rule and reign with Messiah (Romans 5:17).

Korean Missile Attack

By Asher Intrater, Song Mansuk, and Kim Yeh Jung

On Tuesday, North Korea fired 176 missiles against South Korea, killing 4 people and wounding 19. It began when Pyongyang warned the South to halt its routine military drills with the US Army.  When Seoul refused, the North began firing artillery on the small island of Yeonpyeong, which houses South Korean military installations and a small civilian population of about 1,700 civilians, mostly fishermen. Some analysts believe that North Korea started this crisis in order to turn the eyes of their own people away from troubling internal problems.

There are reportedly some 400,000 evangelical Christians living underground in North Korea; they are persecuted cruelly. Let us lift them up in prayer during this present crisis.

Nadav Ayal, in the Israeli newspaper Maariv, wrote a commentary that there is a logical connection between the nuclear plants in Iran and those in North Korea. When a totalitarian regime obtains nuclear power, it obtains a certain insurance policy for itself. North Korea purposely attacked South Korea. Although South Korea is stronger and wealthier, it must react with restraint. Why? - Because South Korea has a rational way of thinking and does not want to start a nuclear war over this incident.

The world has labored for several decades under a concept that peace would be assured because the great nations with nuclear power would not risk mutual destruction by starting a world war with responses on both sides. That rationale has worked… until now. That view makes an assumption: That the leaders of nations with nuclear power have a minimum level of rational thinking. However, in the case of a dictator like Kim Zong Il or in the case of radical Islamic leaders, the basic assumption of rational thinking is not applicable.

Should Iran invade across the border and take over Iraq, would anyone be willing to take a stand? The scenario at this point would more likely be a volley of statements at the U.N. that the action was "deplorable" and even "unacceptable."

The world faces a danger in this decade that has never been faced before: weapons of mass destruction in the hands of irrational leaders.  In the past, a guarantee of world peace was "deterrence":  Unfortunately, the concept of deterrence is not relevant to leaders who border on insanity or who are brainwashed by religious deception, to whom massive destruction to their own people is not a deterrent.

Rabbi Haim Amsalem

The fourth largest political party in Israel is Shas, the Orthodox religious Sephardic party. One of its Knesset members, Rabbi Haim Amsalem, has started proposing reforms, such as teaching core educational curriculum in their schools, easing restrictions on conversion to Judaism, and sending Yeshiva students into the work field – all greatly supported by the majority of Israelis. By proposing these reforms, Amsalem set himself in opposition to the Shas leadership, who in turn rejected him from their party, calling him an "Amalek," a "despicable person," and, as the worst possible insult, even comparing him to "That Man" (Jesus).

Since his proposals would be a benefit to Israeli society and a positive reform to Orthodox Judaism, it would be worthwhile for us to pray for him.

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