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Revive Israel Ministries
The Vatican and Israel
©October 31, 2010 By Dan Juster

Recently the Vatican hosted a forum of Middle Eastern Church leaders and bishops. The Vatican probably had no idea of what it was getting into. Wanting these leaders to express their views, the forum ended up with statements that bashed Israel. These bishops blamed Israel more than Islamic Jihadism for their plight in the Middle East. Unfortunately, these leaders have lived in such a tradition of required submission to Islam that they have no concept of real religious liberty.

The adopted statement repeats the myth that Israel is in violation of international law and is an occupier. Yet there has never been a Palestinian State; there was only a U N resolution calling for one along side of Israel in 1948.  When that was refused, there was no State to occupy.  In addition, UN resolutions calling for Israel to withdraw to the 1967 lines allow for the border to be negotiated and also require the Arabs to live in peace with Israel.

The most worrisome statements are from individual bishops showing real anti-Semitism, and claiming that Israel's election was canceled by Jesus.  In this regard these bishops are in direct rebellion against official Vatican doctrine (Catechism paragraph 674).  Sadly this will do great damage to Jewish-Catholic relationships.  This is not a new issue.  When John Paul II recognized the State of Israel and established full diplomatic relationships, the Middle Eastern bishops did everything possible beforehand to prevent it.  

U. S. Elections and Mail Bombs

U. S. mid-term elections are scheduled for Tuesday, November 2. At this time polls show a Republican majority in the House and a Democratic majority in the Senate. The outcome of the election will affect greatly the ability of President Obama to fulfill his policies. This in turn affects international relations and Israel as well. Let us pray urgently for God's will to be done.

Last Thursday at 10:30 PM, security forces located two mail bombs, one in a UPS freight plane at the Nottingham Airport in England, and the other at the FedEx hangar in Dubai. Both bombs contained powerful explosive material (PETN), hidden in the ink drum of digital printing units.  Both bomb packages originated in Yemen, and are attributed to Al Qaida training bases located in Yemen.

The intended targets of the mail bombs were two Jewish synagogues in the Chicago area.  The bombs were discovered due to information passed on by Saudi Arabian intelligence forces. Interestingly, much of the press coverage in Israel dealt with the question of who would reap the political benefit in the upcoming U. S. elections. Would this be seen as a victory for the Obama policy of dialogue with Islamic regimes, or would it be seen as victory for conservatives calling for more stringent security measures against terror?

Vanderpool Heroes

Two weeks ago, we asked you to pray and consider voting for the Vanderpool family Medical Mission Disaster Relief in the People Magazine poll. We are delighted to announce that they won. The Vanderpools became the People Magazine "Hero of the Year."  See  – Congratulations and blessings to our dear friends!

Shani and Andrew Wedding

Our beloved spiritual daughter, Shani, and our new team member, Andrew, are to be married this Monday. They are expecting over 100 not-yet-believing, native-born Israelis from their extended family and friends to be in attendance. Please pray for a beautiful and poignant expression of the love of God in Yeshua to be present throughout the ceremony and celebration. 

New Book and Booklet

Please pray for printing arrangements for Asher's new book in English and witnessing tract in Hebrew, concerning the appearances of Yeshua in the Tanakh (Old Covenant). Both are named, "Who Ate Lunch with Abraham?” We desire for this book and booklet to reach the public as soon as possible.

"All Israel Will Be Saved"

Recently Asher taught at the Tikkun tour in Israel. The teaching includes the vision of the Body of Messiah in Israel for revival in the end times, and how we are to be involved in practical ways to fulfill that vision both in Israel and the nations. The message was a summary of our ministry foundations taken from Romans 11, verses 25 and 26, as well as a summary of the state of the Messianic remnant in Israel today. 

The teaching also included three basic points concerning the end times:

            Matthew 23:39 – Revival in Israel precedes the Second Coming. Yeshua's declaration here extends the meaning of the chosen-ness of the Jewish people to be a vehicle, not just of His first coming but of His second as well. One might have thought that Israel's destiny ended with Yeshua's birth. However, the prophecy of Matthew 23 requires covenant commitment to the future as well as the past.

            Matthew 24:14 – The Gospel of the kingdom must be preached in all the nations before the Second Coming. This is not just the message of personal salvation, but the message of the establishment of the Messianic kingdom on earth, of Yeshua reigning and ruling from Jerusalem. Yeshua cannot come back to establish His kingdom until we are ready for that kingdom.

            Zechariah 14:2 – Right before the Second Coming, all the nations of the world will attack Israel. This attack is the summation of all spiritual warfare, both corporate and personal. Yeshua returns to fight against those nations which attack Israel. Therefore we cannot remain passive or neutral. We must choose which side to be on, and fight together with Him.

The message also includes a description of our vision for a Hebrew-speaking television network to broadcast both in Israel and internationally, based on the points above: To bring salvation to Israel, information about Israel to the Church, and prophecies about the kingdom to the nations. 

Since we rarely have a recording of Asher teaching in English, we thought to make it available to you for free. If you would like to hear the message, please download at:

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