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The "Jewish Trinity"
©November 15, 2009 Asher Intrater

Some have referred to the "Jewish Trinity" as: The people of Israel, the Torah of Israel, and the Land of Israel. It is unfortunate to call it by that name, since it stands in opposition to the authority of Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah; it misses the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives; and it turns these Jewish elements into a form of idolatry.

On the other hand, many Christians miss the place of the people, the law, and the land in God's kingdom plan. The way to connect the two is to see Yeshua Himself as the Angel of YHVH appearing to our forefathers.

The People

YHVH appears to Abraham several times (Genesis 12:7, 15:17, 17:1, 18:1-33, 22:15). In Genesis 18, the appearance of YHVH is in the form of a physical man. He eats with Abraham, discusses with him the destruction of Sodom, and promises him a son through Sarah. This cannot be a normal angel, since He is called YHVH. It cannot be our heavenly Father, since He appears upon the earth in the form of a human being.

That is exactly who Yeshua is: the manifestation of YHVH on earth in the form of a man. It is this same God-Man who cuts an eternal covenant of loyalty with Abraham and his seed. The defining moment of the Jewish people is in fact a family covenant with YHVH in the form of a man; in other words, with Yeshua.

Some Jewish people want a covenant with God without Yeshua. That is impossible. He is the very one our forefathers covenanted with. Some Christians want Yeshua without the Jewish people. That is also impossible. From the moment Yeshua appears, both in the Torah and in the gospels, He is connected to the Jewish people. As my wife and I are joined in covenant, so are Jesus and the Jewish people. You can't have one without the other. He is like a faithful husband to an unfaithful wife (Hosea 1-2).

The Law

The divine Angel of YHVH appears to Moses in the book of Exodus many times:

Exodus 3:2, 4 - He is referred to as both an angel and as God.  

Exodus 14:19, 24 - He is again referred to as both angel and God

Exodus 17:5-6 - He stands next to Moses as he brings water out of the rock.

Exodus 24:10-11 - Moses and all the 70 elders see God in the form of a man.

Exodus 33:21-21 - Moses sees His backside from the cleft of the rock.

Since this figure is a messenger from God, it cannot be our heavenly Father. Since he is called both God and YHVH, it cannot be a normal angel.

This Angel YHVH, who is both God and a messenger from God, can only be one person: Yeshua. If He is the one who was with Moses throughout the Exodus and the Sinai desert, then He must have been the one whose finger etched the Ten Commandments (compare Yeshua's finger writing on the ground in John 8:6). The connection between Yeshua and the Ten Commandments opens revelatory understanding concerning the Torah and the gospels.

A gospel without absolute moral standards leads to a worldly and carnal form of Christianity. The Torah without the atoning sacrifice of Messiah leads to a religious ritualism without personal salvation. Since Yeshua wrote the Ten Commandments, there can be no gospel without moral standards, and there can be no Torah without Messiah's sacrifice.

Thus Yeshua could forgive the woman who broke the Ten Commandments by committing adultery (John 8). He could claim to be the lord of the Sabbath day (Mark 2:28). He could tell the rich young ruler to obey the commandments in order to obtain eternal life (Matthew 19:17). It is Yeshua who wrote "I am YHVH, your God" – Exodus 20:2. (Thus the first of the Ten Commandments can be seen as faith in the divinity of Yeshua, the Angel YHVH.)

The Land

The most controversial topic in international politics today is who has the right to "occupy" the land of Israel\Palestine. The words "occupy" and "conquer" are the same word in Hebrew (covesh). So who conquered the land of Canaan in the first place?

On the evening before the battle of Jericho, a Man appears to Joshua (Joshua 5:13-15). The Man is the commander of the armies of YHVH. He tells Joshua to remove his sandals from his feet (just as with Moses at the burning bush). Joshua calls Him "Lord" and bows down to worship Him. Again this cannot be a normal angel, nor God the Father. It must be Yeshua in His pre-birth form.

It is this Angelic Commander who leads the attack on Jericho. It is His army that knocks down the walls. It is His army that led most of the warfare to conquer the land (Joshua 10:11, Exodus 23:23, II Samuel 5:24, Judges 2:1-4). Ultimately, the land of Israel and all of planet earth belong to God, anyway.

The conquest of the land of Canaan by the Angel YHVH/Yeshua was just the first step of God's repossessing planet earth on behalf of all His people: the righteous remnant of all nations. Yeshua will return at the Second Coming as Commander of the armies of YHVH to complete the process He started in the book of Jericho.

Some Christians may want Yeshua without the land of Israel; and some Jews may want the land of Israel without Yeshua; but the two go together.  The controversy over the occupation of the land of Israel today is at root a demonic opposition to the Second Coming of Yeshua, and to God's claim of His lordship over planet earth.

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