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Yehovah and Yeshua
©August 9, 2009 Asher Intrater

In a previous article (, I described the root meaning of the name Yehovah, how it is to be pronounced and what revelation goes with it. Here are a few points as to the connection between the name Yehovah and Yeshua (Jesus).

  1. Power – There was great power and authority in the declaration of the name YHVH (Yehovah) by our forefathers in the days of the Law and the Prophets.
  1. Not Generic – This power was not associated with generic names, such as Lord, God, Adonai, Hashem, but only in the proper name Yehovah.
  1. Unknown – Today we do not know exactly how to pronounce the name Yehovah, and therefore in the Jewish community, it is forbidden. As the name is not declared, there is a lack of the power and authority that goes with it.
  1. Sovereignty – This "forgetting" of the pronunciation of the YHVH in the Jewish community cannot simply be a coincidence. It is a sovereign intervention of God to bring about a new situation.
  1. Yehovah inside Yeshua – The name Yeshua is a shortened form of Yehoshua, which is a shortened form of Yehovah Yoshiah – "The Lord saves." In other words, the name Yehovah is found INSIDE the name Yeshua.
  1. Saying Yeshua is Saying Yehovah – Therefore when we say the name Yeshua, we are already saying the name of Yehovah, and even more. When you say Yeshua, you are pronouncing the awesome name Yehovah as well.
  1. No Other Name – At this moment in history, there is no other way to pronounce the name of Yehovah with power and authority, other than saying Yeshua.  This gives insight to Acts 4:12 – "There is no salvation in another; for there is no other name given to the sons of men under the heavens by which we are to be saved."
  1. No name, No Power – If we do not say Yeshua, we can not have the power that was originally present in the name Yehovah.
  1. Same Power – However, when we do say the name Yeshua (and do so with faith and understanding and according to God's will), we are releasing the same power and authority that our forefathers did when they said Yehovah.
  1. Continuance – The name Yeshua is the continuance in our day and era of what the name Yehovah was in the day and era of our forefathers.
  1. Same Attitude – Therefore our attitude, approach and respect for the name Yeshua is the same as our forefathers had for the name Yehovah.
  1. Messianic Gift – We in the Messianic Jewish movement want to restore to Israel and to the international body of Messiah the name of Yeshua – not just the original pronunciation of the name, but the original power and authority of the name. The name Yeshua contains the name of Yehovah within it and all of the spiritual revelations and manifestations that go along with that name – and even more.

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