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Revive Israel Ministries


Call2All Conference Hong Kong
©June 5, 2009 Asher Intrater

The Call2All conference in Hong Kong has been quite a success with several historic goals accomplished:

  1. Unity among almost all of the major missions movements, across denominational lines, between charismatics and evangelicals, in order to work together to finish the great commission in this generation.
  2. Unity and cooperation between the missions movement and the prayer movement.
  3. Recognition of the place of China as the upcoming force of world evangelism in the next decade.
  4. Strategic planning for emphasizing outreach to the Asian countries, including China, India and the Muslim world. This plan is also termed by many in China as the "Back to Jerusalem" movement.
  5. The world strategy of Call2All also includes a reasonable place for Israel, if yet still in its beginning stages of awareness.

Interesting enough, this conference took place at the 20 year memorial of the Tiannamen Square demonstrations in Beijing in 1989.

It also took place at the opening of the Noah's Ark project.  The ark is the only full scale replica of Noah's ark in the world. It was built at a cost of 50 million dollars, and is open now as a family-spiritual tourist site to anyone traveling to Hong Kong.

Tikkun USA Conference

Our conference this year in Lancaster Pennsylvania was a big success and marked a turning point in our US congregational network. There was outpouring of the Holy Spirit in all central gatherings with many prophetic gifts expressed, led by Patty Juster and David Rudolph. Paul Wilbur led in worship in two evening sessions.

Perhaps the most important breakthrough was among the youth and the young adult leadership. Dan Juster's son, Ben, was installed as the new American director of operations. There was unity among the pastoral leadership represented. About 50 of the youth led in the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

After 30 years of covenantal relationships, our movement in the US is transitioning into its next significant stage of covenant, by transferring authority into the hands of the younger generation, under the loving and watchful care of the elder apostles and prophets in our midst.

Israel Mandate Conference

Please pray for the Israel Mandate Conference at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City this weekend. Dan and Asher will be sharing the teaching along with Mike Bickle.

Teaching Article:

Equipping the Saints
©June 5, 2009 Asher Intrater

Our vision at Revive Israel (as our name implies) is to foster revival in the land of Israel, and from there to the rest of the world. In order to do so, we are formed as an apostolic team, based on the model of Yeshua's twelve disciples and of Paul's ministry team. This is also called a "5-fold ministry" team as described in Ephesians 4.

Ephesians 4:11-12
He gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry for the building up of the body of Messiah.

Here are a few pointers worth noting:

1. Team Work – These verses speak of cooperation between leaders. This is not an option but a necessity. We will not see revival without cooperation between leaders.

Do you remember playing a team sport like basketball, and a certain player, every time you passed him the ball, immediately took a shot? That's how many ministers are today. They don't know how to play with team work. Team ministry means knowing not just how to shoot the ball, but also how to play defense and how to pass to a team member. It's embarrassing that ministry leaders do not know how to play on a team. Team work demands submitting one to another, and it is our pride that keeps us from doing so.

Teamwork ministry requires time from the leaders to invest in developing personal relationships of trust and loyalty.

2. Different kinds of Ministry - Not all ministers are pastors. We must know that there are 5 kinds of offices listed here, and know how to discern the difference between them. Prophets and evangelists trying to serve as pastors can be damaging to the flock. Demanding that gift ministry level prophets and evangelists submit their ministry to a local pastor will only cause frustration. An apostolic team serves to coordinate and oversee the work of these ministries.

The five ministry gifts are only leadership offices. There are many other gifts for all the members of the body, as listed in Romans 12, including service, generosity, administration, encouragement, etc. All members are given spiritual gifts to serve and build up the body.   

We also recognize that work in the marketplace (business, government, media, education, etc.) is ministry just as much as that within the church. The ministry of Yeshua is to be a light in the midst of the world around us.

3. Training Young Leaders - This passage speaks of "equipping the saints". Equipping begins where basic discipleship ends. While it is not restricted by age, training generally flows from the older generation to the younger. Our congregations should be set up as a training ground, a playing field, a laboratory, where younger potential leaders are given a chance to minister along side and under the oversight of more experienced leaders. The leaders must take the role more of a "coach" than a "player".

At our recent Tikkun USA congregational conference, we called for the young people to come forward in one line across the front of the assembly to minister the baptism of the Holy Spirit, while the senior leaders stood behind them in the second line, encouraging, watching and coaching. In our recent ministry in Tel Aviv at Tiferet Yeshua congregation, I brought seven of our younger team members who took turns sharing the message and praying for people.

As leaders, whenever we teach or minister, we should let our disciples minister alongside of us. This training model will allow the kingdom of God to multiply and our covenantal relationships to be passed on to the next generation.

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