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Israeli News Update –
Elections, Vatican, Gaza, George W. Bush
©February 8, 2010 Asher Intrater

Israel Elections - February 10
There are two issues involved: who will be the next prime minister, and what will be the coalition of parties to lead the government. In this small country of 7 million people there are approximately 10 political parties. Netanyahu would likely be the strongest candidate for prime minister, and polls show him leading. He also has the best relationship with evangelical Christians. However, a unity government (with Likud, Labor, and Kadima) would likely make for the strongest coalition.  Livni would likely have a better opportunity to unite those parties. An important aspect of the coalition for Messianics in Israel is the Ministry of the Interior, which controls passports, immigration, marriages, etc. Please pray for God's will to be done.

Vatican stops re-instatement of Holocaust denying Bishop
Two weeks ago Pope Benedict lifted the excommunication of three bishops connected with the "Society of Saint Pius." One of those bishops, Richard Williamson, was recently quoted on Swedish Television saying that he believed "there were no gas chambers" and denying the Nazi murder of the Jews. When this was reported to the Pope and after protests from the German and Israeli governments, the Vatican demanded for Williamson to renounce his position in an "absolutely unequivocal manner." (Holocaust denial is a punishable crime in Germany.) This is a positive step forward for relationships between Israel, the Catholic Church, and Germany.

New Evangelism Openness
In our local congregations and ministries here, we are experiencing a new openness on behalf of Israelis to hear the message of the good news of Yeshua (Jesus). The breakthroughs we are seeing are particularly in one-on-one conversations. Many of these personal connections have been supernaturally arranged, directed, and inspired. We are thankful to God in the love we have for our people's salvation. Please agree with us in prayer for much fruit.  "All Israel shall be saved" – Romans 11:26.

Gaza Conflict and Turkish Reaction.(from M, our partner for Turkey outreach)
The reaction in Turkey to the fighting in Gaza has been strongly critical of Israel. This came to a head recently at the Davos World Economic Forum where Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey and President Shimon Peres of Israel got into a rather heated exchange. In the end Prime Minister Erdogan stormed out of the forum, saying he would not return. As a result of the media coverage and the Prime Minister’s comments, Turkey’s population has been encouraged to express its anti-Israel pro-Palestinian Hamas sentiments openly. The Turkish Prime Minister, who leads a semi- Islamic government in Turkey, seems to be posturing himself to lead a new order in the Middle East that may include Turkey moving towards Iran and away from Israel and Europe. This whole episode deserves careful attention and prayer.

Thank you, George Bush
George W. Bush has left office with an extremely low popularity rating. However, low popularity is not necessarily a sign of wrongdoing, and high popularity is not necessarily a sign of righteousness. I want to give honor where honor is due and express my thanks to Mr. Bush for:

  1. having taken a firm stance against terrorism (He confronted the tide of world jihad, and the American troop presence in Iraq formed a wedge preventing military access from Iran through Syria to Israel's northern border.)
  2. having faithfully supported Israel (He has been one of the most supportive world leaders toward Israel in modern history.)
  3. having stood for pro-life issues (He consistently stood for legal measures and judicial appointments limiting abortion.)
  4. having stood for family values (He backed educational and legislative efforts maintaining the sanctity of traditional marriage and sexual values.)
  5. having sincerely expressed his Christian faith (He never wavered on his testimony and always addressed workers in a kind and respectful manner.)

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