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Revive Israel Ministries
World Evangelism in the Age of Obama
©January 25, 2009 Asher Intrater

With the inauguration of Barak Obama, the world has certainly entered into a new age, a new time period, both politically and prophetically. More than ever, we are a world community. International media broadcasts the same news all over the world. Global financial problems affect markets everywhere. The UN and international diplomacy affects every nation.

God certainly works in ways that are often strange to our thinking. This past year I have been touched for the need to pray for the media: that they would be changed to broadcast the truth and even to share the testimony of faith in Yeshua (Jesus). When Rick Warren prayed the Lord's prayer and used the name of Yeshua – Jesus, the secular media broadcast it around the world.

God's first interest, above all politics, is the sharing of the message of salvation to the masses of lost people. If we will pray, God can use this term of Obama for unprecedented world evangelism. Because he is black, millions of people in Africa see him as a Christian of African background. Because his father was Muslim, millions of Muslims see him as a "former" Muslim who became a Christian. Because he lived in Indonesia, millions of Asians see him as a Christian of Asian background. Because he espouses a "liberal secular humanist" agenda, millions of atheists in Europe see him as their "hero," but also as a Christian.

Now is the time for a huge harvest of souls throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Muslim world. It's time for the Church to be about the great commission. It's time for every Christian to be a "world" Christian.

Jerusalem Prayer Meeting

On January 20th, at the exact time the inauguration was taking place, believers from many different congregations in Jerusalem met for prayer. The meeting was led by our dear brother Oded Shoshani. Prayer/praise was directed by Oded, Asher, Shelly Myers, Reuven Berger, and Youval Yanai. The meeting was led in Hebrew with English translation. There was a beautiful spirit of intercession and of unity.

We prayed to bless the Palestinians, particularly the Palestinian Christians. We prayed for guidance according to I Timothy 2 for Obama. We prayed for Israel's security and for the coming Israeli elections. We prayed for rain (Israel is struggling with low water supply and drought). We prayed for world evangelism.

Israel Pastors' Meeting

This Thursday and Friday (January 29 and 30), the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel is co-sponsoring the national Israeli Pastors and Elders conference. There has been much discussion recently in Israel about the place of Jewish culture and Rabbinic teaching in the Messianic community in Israel.

Some of the opinions are hotly debated on both sides: for and against. Discussing the place of Jewish culture within the Israeli Messianic body is a reverse image of the discussions that took place in the book of Acts, Chapter 15. There freedom was given to the Gentiles to express their faith in their own culture, so as not to hinder the spread of the gospel message of salvation. Then, as now, the issues were also hotly debated. We seem to have come full circle.

It is interesting that those of the "anti" rabbinic side refer to themselves as "Israeli," while the "pro" rabbinic side tends to use the term "Judaism." Ezekiel 37:15-28 prophesies that in the end times, the Messiah will unite the two camps (the two sticks) of Israel and Judah. May it start this week, by His grace! Asher is scheduled to be one of the keynote speakers. Pray with us for unity in the body, balanced teaching, and correct doctrine.

Cease Fire in Gaza
(Again this week we bring you an excerpt from Eddie Santoro, gift ministry pastor on the Revive Israel and Ahavat Yeshua team.)

For the moment the guns are silent. The distant rumbling of explosions has ceased. The people of the southern cities of Israel have returned to normal life. The schools are open. The sound of children playing can once again be heard from the crowded day care centers.

It will probably take some time to evaluate what was truly accomplished during these painful and difficult days, but a few things are certain.

  • Hamas was dealt a severe blow and their ability to attack Israel was significantly set back.

  • The extensive network of smuggling tunnels was severely damaged but not totally destroyed. Even today, just a few days after the cessation of fighting, there are pictures on Israeli news of tunnels that continue to operate.

  • The ability of Israel's army to inflict serious damage on their enemies has been demonstrated to the Arab world. The deterrent effect of this in the camps of our enemies is very significant.

  • The rocket fire on Israel's southern cities, the event that precipitated this war, has been stopped.

The International Community

As is always the case when Israel defends itself, there will now be a long and damaging period of "war crimes" investigations, which will focus exclusively on Israel. The Israeli government has already set up a special department to counter this international attempt to de-legitimize Israel and its right to self defense.

Another potentially damaging result of the war could be the acceptance of Hamas as a legitimate political party, rather than recognizing its true identity as a terror group, whose central tenant is the destruction of Israel. As we all sympathize with the suffering of the Palestinian people, there may be a tendency from the international community to begin dealing directly with Hamas, as they endeavor to provide funds and assistance in the rebuilding effort. Each time that a nation state relates to Hamas as a normal ruling power, their long sought after goal of achieving international legitimacy is closer to becoming a reality.

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