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Tapping on the Roof
©January 4, 2009 Asher Intrater

In Israeli press and in statements of Israeli politicians, the current war is not referred to as a war against Gaza, nor as a war against the Palestinians, but as a war against Hamas. Hamas is a terrorist organization whose stated goal is the total destruction of Israel. It declares itself to be the front line of the international Jihad, backed by radical Muslims (including Iran) around the world.

This week one of the leaders of the "military" wing of Hamas, Nizar Rian, was killed by an Israeli air strike on his house along with 14 others (including 4 of his wives).

That strike was the result of careful intelligence gathering. When Rian was located,  Israeli army and government legal advisors went through a painstaking process of bringing the strike before court judges to verify its legality according to the Geneva conventions.

Fifteen (15) minutes before the strike, the Israeli army called on the telephone and asked the people to leave the house. When they received the call, they gathered people up onto the roof as a human shield. The Israeli helicopter pilot saw them, and as they figured, he didn't want to hurt them.

The pilot then fired a missile into a field next to the house to warn them. They still did not leave. Then he fired onto them a non lethal weapon to cause them to flee. Only after they left the roof did he fire the shot that destroyed the house.

When the missile hit, there were a series of other explosions, indicating as assumed by the Israeli army, that the house was used for weapon storage.

The policy of notifying the civilians of a coming attack is called by the Israeli army, "Tap on the roof", like knocking on a door before you enter a house.
Revelation 16:10-11 describes a bowl of the wrath of God being poured out upon the "throne of the beast". God's wrath is not first of all directed at people, but at demonic forces. He warns people, and if they do not distance themselves from the demonic powers, they will be hit by the wrath of God. Verse 11 says the people did not repent of their evil deeds, but just "cursed God" because of their pains.

This rule holds true for all people, whether they be White or Black, Jew or Arab, Eastern or Western. May God help us to repent of our sins and distance ourselves from the work of the devil, so we will not be partakers of the punishment due to demons!

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