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Wall Street, Antichrist and the Feast of Trumpets
©September 29, 2008 Asher Intrater

Wall Street, Ground Zero, and the United Nations headquarters are all located near one another in downtown New York. The American economy is linked through the stock markets to all the nations of the world, and therefore the current crisis in America is actually a world economic crisis. Here are a few points for prayer:

  1. Greed – Dear God, we repent for ourselves and on behalf of those around us for greed, corruption, lust, gluttony, laziness, and entertainment addiction so prevalent in our society, that has brought judgment upon us.
  1. Complacency – Lord, we repent of complacency, comfort seeking, consumerism, and self centeredness so common among us as believers, Messianic and Christian alike. Amos 6:1 – "Woe to you who are at ease (complacent) in Zion."
  1. Mercy – We cry for mercy; rescue us from the punishment our sins deserve by Your covenant grace in the blood of Yeshua (Jesus). Rescue the millions of families and children who may suffer and die because of this crisis.
  1. Work Ethic – We turn back to basic biblical values of diligence, integrity, and honest pay for honest work.
  1. Debt slavery – Father, your word says that debt is slavery (Deuteronomy 28:44; Proverbs 22:7). We confess that we have sold ourselves into slavery for the sake of immediate gratification and luxury. Heads of our financial institutions have sold us into slavery for the sake of dishonest profiteering.
  1. Government Leaders – Give wisdom to government leaders to make the right decisions about how to handle the current crisis. [Although the current "buy out" plan is not a solution, it probably is an unavoidable step while the right measures are sought for a true solution.]
  1. Korea – After the Korean stock market crash in 1997, the Koreans took a huge loan from the International Monetary Fund, and then proceeded to tighten their belts, work day and night to get out of debt, and have after ten years done a good job at restoring their economy.
  1. Netanyahu – 5 years ago the Israeli economy was on the verge of bankruptcy and Benjamin Netanyahu took charge as Secretary of the Treasury, introducing harsh measures that pulled the Israeli economy back to a position of stability.
  1. Business Leaders – We pray for business leaders around the world to fulfill their duty to provide honest employment, fight poverty, protect the environment, reinforce work ethic and family values, provide a solution for oil dependency, and to fight against communist or Islamic take over.
  1. Beast Government – The Bible describes that in the end times, there will be an evil empire, led by demonically inspired people that will combine several governments (Revelation 13:1). That federation will gain power over the world economic system (Revelation 13:17 – "No one may buy or sell except one who has the mark… of the beast.).
  1. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao – The stock market crash in 1929 and the depression of the 1930's opened the door for the violent beastlike governments of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. The current economic crisis is a dangerous opening for the encroachment of antichrist spirits.
  1. Stability – "Stability" is a key word in spiritual strategy for the economy. We pray to close the door that the current crisis has opened for a beast government; we push back the spirits of antichrist; we intercede for stability in the world economies.
  1. Jihad Gospel – The gospel of Jihad can be summarized in 5 words: "Convert to Islam or die." When Ahmadinejad spoke at the U.N., during this crisis, he preached the same message but in the disguise of "peace and love." This deceiving spirit is similar to the spirit spoken of in Revelation 13:8 – "He had two horns like a lamb but spoke with the voice of a dragon."
  1. Destroying is easier than Building – The tactic of Jihad is to destroy, destroy, destroy. This is like the bully at the beach that kicks over some other children's sand castle. The huge engineering effort required to build the "Twin Towers" was much more than the engineering to blow it up. Ultimately, if one side just keeps destroying, the other side can never catch up in building.
  1. Economic effects of Terror – Israel has found that one of its greatest problems with terror is not the huge number of people killed, but the enormous economic burden to continue to finance the police, military, and security personnel to guard against future attacks. In addition to the sins of the flesh mentioned in paragraphs 1 and 2, another reason for the current economic crisis has been the costs of the war against terror and inflating oil prices.
  1. Righteous Businessmen – We pray for true born-again, spirit-filled businessmen to arise during this time of darkness. Proverbs 13:22 – "The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous." May the saints of God take leadership and possession of global resources and finances in integrity and in generosity! May godly righteous businesses be a witness for the truth and holiness of Your kingdom.
  1. Joseph - The time of financial crisis in Egypt led to the rise of Joseph in influence, government, and economy. Let a leader (or leaders) like Joseph arise at this time with a godly solution to the current crisis; like a David to fell this current Goliath.
  1. Faith Generosity – Isaac sowed in a time of famine and reaped 100 fold (Genesis 26). May we rebuke fear and continue to give generously at this time. We have given instructions to our "strategic giving" department to move forward at this time even more aggressively to give to the needy, to help believers in Israel, to help Palestinian evangelism, and to send emissaries around the world to share the good news of Yeshua's kingdom. Come join us.
  1. Light in Darkness – Even though darkness and a thick spiritual fog have been covering the earth this past month, the glory of the Lord will shine upon us (Isaiah 61:1-2). The darkness has been partly a result of the 30-day Islamic fast of Ramadan, which comes to an end tomorrow on this year's calendar, at the start of the Feast of Trumpets and the biblical Fall holy days.
  1. Trumpet of Victory – Tomorrow we blow the trumpet (shofar) as God commanded us in Leviticus 23:24. The trumpet is a sign of end-time victory. As the seventh trumpet was blown at Jericho, the people arose: "Shout for the Lord has given you the city!" – Joshua 6:16. As the seventh angelic trumpet sounds, we shout, "The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Messiah!" – Revelation 11:15.

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