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India Terrorist Attack
©November 30, 2008 Asher Intrater

Here is a survey of reports from Israeli Hebrew press and International media about the tragedy in Mumbai this week:

  1. September 24 - American CIA chief in Delhi met with Indian security leaders and reported that Pakistani terrorists were training at a base with simulated city conditions and in boats off shore, indicating a possible attack planned on Mumbai from the water.
  1. November 18 - Indian security forces issued a warning to Indian Coast Guard to look out for a suspect Pakistani boat from the Karachi area.
  1. November 21 - a group of 10 terrorists set out in a boat from Karachi, picking up arms and ammunition on the way.
  1. November 22 – Two other terrorists check into the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai in room 630 and store ammunition there.
  1. November 23 - the terrorist group in boat from Karachi overtakes an Indian fishing boat, cut the throats of four sailors, and order the captain to sail them toward Mumbai.
  1. November 26 - the group arrives offshore at Mumbai. The terrorists board into 3 rubber inflated boats and make it to shore. The 10 divide into 4 teams of 4-2-2-2. The group of 4 goes to the Taj Mahal hotel. Two go to the Jewish "Chabad" house. Two take a cab to the Shivaji train station (where they open fire with machine guns and hand grenades upon innocent travelers at the crowded station). Two go to the Oberoi Trident hotel.
  1. November 27 - at 11:00 AM, after hiding all night in one of the rooms of the "Chabad" house, Indian nanny, Sandra, grabs little Moishe, and manages to flee to safety. Moishe turned 2 years old on Saturday, November 28. By that time, his parents, Rabbi Gabi and Rivki Holtsberg, had already been murdered.
  1. November 28 - all of the terrorists have been killed except for one, Azam Amir Kasab, who was caught while trying to flee. Kasab confessed that he and his comrades had planned to kill as many people as possible, indiscriminately, yet were targeting particularly white foreigners and Jews.
  1. Kasab also confessed that the terrorists were supported through the whole operation by Indian billionaire and black market entrepreneur, Dauod Ibrahim. Ibrahim has been a key supporter of Al Qaida operations in the past.
  1. This series of attacks – 10 locations in one night – with 195 reported casualties and 327 wounded – is not a unique event for India. Since the Twin Tower attacks in the U. S., here are few of the more well known attacks in India:
    1. October 1, 2001, Kashmir assembly building – 35 killed
    2. December 13, 2001, Delhi parliament building – 7 killed
    3. September 24, 2002, Akshardham Temple – 31 killed
    4. March 13, 2003, Passenger train in Mumbai – 11 killed
    5. May 14, 2003, Jammu army camp, with women and children – 30 killed
    6. August 25, 2003, Car bombs in Mumbai – 52 killed
    7. August 15, 2004 School children in Assam – 16 killed
    8. October 29, 2005, Bomb blasts in Delhi – 70 killed
    9. March 7, 2006, Varnassi railway station – 21 killed
    10. July 11, 2006, Evening rush hour trains in Mumbai – 209 killed
    11. September 8, 2006, Bomb blast in Malegaon – 37 killed
    12. August 25, 2007, Bomb in restaurant in Hyderabad – 42 killed
    13. May 13, 2008, Bomb blasts in Jaipur – 63 killed
    14. July 26, 2008, Bomb blasts in Ahmedabad – 29 killed
    15. September 13, 2008, Bomb blasts in Delhi markets – 21 killed
    16. October 21, 2008, Imhal bomb blast – 17 killed
    17. October 30, 2008, Asam bomb blast - 77 killed

Islamic Jihad is an international movement - coordinated, planned and well-financed. Its goal is to destroy Western civilization, kill Christian missionaries, and destroy the State of Israel. It is deeply rooted in Islamic religious indoctrination. Terror is part of Jihad, and Jihad is part of Islam.

President-elect Obama's light verbal condemnation of this attack does not come near the type of resistance that will be needed to curb this world wide plague. Let us pray for Muslims the world over to turn away from this madness and to find grace in Yeshua (Jesus). Let us also pray for government, military and police leaders around the world to fight against terrorism.

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