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Holy Land Foundation Trial
©November 30, 2008 Asher Intrater

This week after an agonizing two year trial, a 12 member federal jury in Dallas Texas convicted the HLF and five of its key leaders to 102 counts of criminal activities.

The National Review described the verdicts as "a testament to the Justice Department's perseverance. The prosecution was able to show that even the Palestinian Authority regarded HLF as Hamas's fundraising arm. The case marks an important affirmation of the U. S. counterterrorism law, which forbids the giving of financial support to terrorist organizations.

"The Muslim Brotherhood — the intellectual front of modern jihadism — established in the U.S. a Palestine Committee which promoted Hamas’s goal of destroying Israel and establishing an Islamic state from the Jordan River to the Red Sea. HLF was the committee’s principal fundraiser. It channeled over 12 million dollars to Hamas-controlled organizations in the West Bank and Gaza.

"The aim of the jihad is not just to support terrorism overseas. It is to promote Islamist ideology and the incremental adoption of the Muslim legal regime in the United States and the West. That agenda would be pursued by the political activism of Muslim organizations presenting themselves as human-rights groups."

The Dallas Morning News described this as a "major victory for the administration of President George W. Bush, whose efforts at fighting terrorism financing in court have been troubled, even though the flow of funds seems to be effectively shut down."
Our special thanks go to Donna Diorio who led the prayer battle for this trial, showing up daily in the courtroom, collecting data and organizing prayer groups.

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