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Why Not?
© April 2002 by Asher Intrater

The UN is planning to send a committee to investigate Israeli actions in Jenin this month. Saudi Arabia has proposed a plan where Israel would concede all disputed territory in exchange for a promise from the Arab league of peaceful relations.

Well, why not? - For that matter...

Why not have a committee investigate the nightmarish lynching by the Palestinians of suspected Palestinian "collaborators" with Israel, while they beg for mercy with the crowd cheering in delight as their limbs are ripped apart?

Why not investigate the "Karin A" affair in which Arafat purchased weapons and explosives for terrorists and then lied about it to the whole world?

Why not investigate the terrorist attack on the Greenberg and Shefi families this week by Palestinian terrorists in Israel (members of the two families with their children who were shot while they were lying in bed sleeping, with the blood pouring out over their beds)?

Why not investigate the hundreds of terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians over the past year, including the Dolphinarian disco attack, the Sbarro restaurant bombing, and the Passover seder massacre?

Why not investigate the murder of Meir Franco, the Israeli tourist killed in Sinai Egypt last week, for the crime of simply being Jewish?

Why not investigate the new spread of anti-Jewish violence in France?

Why not investigate the El Quaida bombing attack on a Jewish synagogue in Tunisia last week where 18 people, mostly Germany tourists, were killed?

Why not investigate the current bombing by Hizbollah on Israel's northern border after Israel pulled out of all Lebanese territory? (After all, the whole idea of the Saudi peace plan is that after Israel would concede territory, there would be peace.)

Why not investigate the UN's cover up of the terrorist kidnapping and murder of three Israeli soldiers on the Lebanese border last year (again after total withdrawal)?

Why not investigate the fact that the UNRWA building (under UN supervision) in Jenin was being used as a terrorist base?

Why not investigate the lack of democracy, judicial procedure, religious freedom, and human rights in most Islamic countries? (Perhaps George Bush should ask the prince of Saudi Arabia about the religious liberties for Christians in his country.)

Why not investigate the suppression of women, economic oppression, and violence against non-Muslims in most Islamic countries?

Why not investigate the American air force bombings in Afghanistan in which innocent civilians were killed?

Why not demand for the U.S. to give money to El Quaida from the New York banks, so that the terrorists won't have a reason to do more attacks?

Why not demand for President Bush to meet with Bin Laden to come to a peaceful resolution of the differences between them?

Why not have the Arab League decide what concessions the U.S. should make to Iraq in order to stop the violence "on both sides."

Why not investigate the terrorists who have taken over the church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and holding its priests captives?

Why not investigate the dozens of terrorist hideouts, weapons caches, and explosive laboratories that were uncovered in Jenin?

Why not investigate the documented proof about Arafat's direct control and financing of the terrorist groups?

Why not investigate the connection of terrorist groups all over the world with the PLO over the past thirty years?

Why not investigate Arafat's use of billions of dollars of donations designated for humanitarian aid for terrorist infrastructure instead of improving the education, health, welfare and economy of his people?

Why not investigate the massive indoctrination and brainwashing of Palestinian elementary school children to become suicide terrorists?

Why not have the Arabs make land concessions to Israel for peace instead of the other way around? (The overwhelming percentage of the land in the Middle East is controlled by Muslims and Arabs.) Only a tiny strip belongs to Israel. (We live in a stretch of land in Israel where the distance between the proposed Palestinian border and the Mediterranean Sea is only TWELVE miles. A car traveling at highway speed could cover that distance in less than TWELVE minutes.)

Why not investigate the payments that are given to the families of Palestinian suicide terrorists by the government of Saudi Arabia (Documents uncovered in "Defensive Shield" show evidence of 102 families of Palestinian terrorists who were killed in terror acts against Israel were each given approximately 5,000 dollars. Financial compensation to their families is an important motivating factor for the young terrorists to execute suicide attacks. Those payments are in addition to documents showing their support for the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist groups.)?

Well, why not?

Doesn't it seem strange that the blame, the investigations, the demands, and the international diplomatic pressure are made just toward Israel?

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