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Revive Israel Ministries
What's it All About?
October 2001 by Asher Intrater

The terrorist attacks of fundamentalist Islam are aimed at the United States, Israel, and Christian missionaries. The U.S. is considered the most Christian nation on earth. Israel is the homeland of the Jews. Missionaries help spread the gospel in non-Christian areas. What is the common denominator?

There is a key to understanding the reason behind those attacks. In fact it is the key to understanding all of the Bible, end-times theology, and spiritual warfare.

The key is the second coming of Jesus (Yeshua). Or more specifically, that Yeshua will return soon to set up His kingdom on the earth. The place that He will do this is Jerusalem. It's not just His return. It's that He will return to set up His kingdom on earth from Jerusalem.

The terrorist attacks are certainly demonically inspired. But what is the devil's goal in these attacks. It is to stop that second coming. Why?

Because at that coming, the devil will be thrown in the abyss. It is his end and he knows it. (See Rev. 19:19 - 20:3.)

The devil is not that concerned about people getting saved and going to heaven. Let them go. He still rules here.

One reason that the church was unprepared for these attacks is the wrong emphasis on the rapture, particularly a pre-tribulation rapture. A pre-tribulation rapture means a pre-end times warfare rapture. You're not going to be prepared for a battle that you don't think you're going to be here for.

The great hope of the church is not to be raptured. It is the Second Coming of Jesus. The final dwelling place of the saints is not heaven, but a restored Eden-like earth. (That's why the resurrection is bodily.) The goal of the kingdom of God is not for you to go to heaven, but to bring the kingdom to earth as it is in heaven.

The place on earth that Yeshua will return to is Israel. If there is no Israel, there is no second coming. Yeshua's return to Israel does not mean to an empty desert where Israel used to be, but to a restored nation of Israel, a Jewish homeland after the 2,000 year punishment of the exile.

He is not coming to an Islamic nation of "Palestine." He is coming back as King of the Jews to His people. From there He will reign. That's why above the cross it was written, "King of the Jews." Even while being crucified, Yeshua promised that He would return as King of the Jews. That sign above His head was a prophecy of His second coming. It was an eternal statement of His identity and His authority.

Israel is the Holy Land not because it is the place where Jesus walked two millennia ago. It is the Holy Land because it is where He will walk in this millennium when He returns. It is not a coincidence that Bin Laden's primary reason for attacking America, as he announced on his television video, was that the U.S. dared to support Israel's occupation of the "Islamic Holy Land." There you have it. If Israel is Islamic Holy Land, then Yeshua cannot come back, and the devil will not be destroyed. The devil is fighting to save his own skin. The connection between Jesus and Jerusalem is what will destroy him. That is the purpose behind Islamic terror, just as it was the purpose behind Nazi holocaust.

The devil's trying to save his own skin by preventing Yeshua's return to Israel is what motivates all evil in the world. Several false ideologies aid that demonic strategy

1) Pre-tribulation Rapture - as stated earlier, if the Church disassociates Herself from end times warfare, and/or sees escaping out of here as the goal instead of bringing the kingdom to earth, she will not stand in faith against the devil.

2) Church Replacement Theology - If the Church disassociates Herself from Israel or spiritualizes Israel into non-existence, then there is no Israel for Yeshua to return to. Church replacement not only negates the role of the physical nation of Israel, it thereby negates the physical return of Jesus to Israel.

3) Jewish Rejection of Jesus - Yeshua is to return to Israel. That means to the people of Israel in the land of Israel. But it also means to the nation of Israel that receives Him as King. More than anything else, the devil fears the restoration of Jewish believers in Israel. When Jews in Israel receive Yeshua, He will return. This deeply rooted anti-Jesus spirit is found primarily in ultra-Orthodox Judaism.

4) Islamic Fundamentalism - This has several parts: One, to attack America in order to get her to stop supporting Israel. Two, to kill missionaries and evangelists to prevent spreading faith in Yeshua and His coming. Three, to claim Israel as an Islamic Holy Land, disenfranchising it either from faith in Jesus or from the Jewish people.

5) Liberal Secular Humanism - Perhaps this might better be called Moral Decadence of Western Society. The point is that by flinging the doors open to lust, laziness, greed, and gluttony, humanism weakens both the Church and Israel to the point of ineffectiveness and surrender.

Our hope is to see Yeshua return to earth, destroying the works of the devil, and setting up the Messianic Kingdom on earth with Jerusalem as its capital (see Isaiah 2, Zechariah 14).

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